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7 min read

The Future Is Digital: Find Out Why With Dr Michael Frazis

By Ethan Gould on 17/05/2021 4:20:37 PM

Previously, dentists have outsourced their ceramic work to an experienced ceramist because they either didn't have the tools, knowledge or time to offer their patients in-house milling. 

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5 min read

Michael Frazis Masterclass - A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

By Chantelle Anink on 08/09/2020 2:40:43 PM

A patient makes an emergency appointment, and arrives at your clinic with her hand holding her cheek. You notice that her eyes look tired. An examination reveals a cracked upper right premolar and immediate extraction is required. Thirty minutes later, the premolar is removed and you begin to discuss what her options are.

Q: Do You? 

  • Offer an Implant: Go to section one.
  • Offer a Fixed Bridge: Go to section two.
  • Offer Dentures, Cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges and everything in between: Go to section three.
  • Offer nothing, but you'd love to read a story about Jill and see what happened to her: Go to section four.
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