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FRD Case Study: Andrew Hong

By Chantelle Anink on 16/12/2021 10:41:31 AM

I no longer accept ‘good enough’

Dr Andrew Hong has practised general dentistry in Australia for 25 years. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Dental Science degree. He is 47 years old. 

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FRD Case Study - Brett Burris

By Chantelle Anink on 16/12/2021 10:12:06 AM

I have never been in a better headspace in my life

Dr Brett Burris has practised general dentistry in the United States for 16 years. Brett holds a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree and does implant surgery. He is 40 years old. 

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Advancing Careers with Advanced Treatment Planning with a Restorative Focus - a Case Study

By RipeGlobal on 22/11/2020 2:52:09 PM

Dr Rhea Allsopp: From Graduate to Owner of Dental Haus, Australia
Dr Rhea Allsop is 31years old. She has been practicing general dentistry since 2017

Rhea’s Challenges

  • Graduated school of dentistry with little confidence to practice general dentistry.
  • Education was bare bones, general basic fix pros, basic endo, basic communication, no full protocol.
  • Experienced anxiety about the care she provided to her patients.
  • Doubted the effectiveness of the treatment she provided.
  • Had a job that was paying hourly with no cut from what she billed.

Rhea’s Actions

Rhea’s Achievements

  • Her hand skills have improved dramatically.
  • She has the confidence to take on and excel in quadrant and full arch cases.
  • She uses advanced treatment planning protocols for every single case, which was instrumental in gaining a lot of big cases.
  • Rhea opened her own clinic, Dental Haus, and is busy!
  • Rhea looks forward to taking the Implant Live course.

Snapshot of Rhea

Dr Rhea Allsopp owns her own general practice clinic on the Gold Coast, Australia. She is fast gaining a reputation for the great work she is doing on her patients, from simple restorative work, crown and veneer preps, quadrant dentistry, to full arch cases. However, just 3 years ago Rhea was a newly fledged doctor who went to work feeling anxious and unsure about undertaking restorations in cases she had never encountered before.

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10 Virtual Training Myths Exposed

By RipeGlobal on 28/10/2020 10:00:03 PM

The world is a very different place today than it was just a few months ago, and education has been one of the first industries to adapt. As a result, the prospective student is not short on choice for online-based courses, yet just like the internet itself, not everything is what it seems. 

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Dr Lane Ochi - The Dentist, The Artist, The Man.

By Chantelle Anink on 02/10/2020 8:25:55 AM

There is a language to colour and we all have to learn it, says Dr Lane Ochi. I finished watching the incomparable lecture, Application of Colour Theory in Restorative Dentistry a cup of coffee ago. It plays for an hour, but it took me two with all my pauses and note taking. When you watch it, you will relate. It feel like I have learned an entire terms worth of colour education at a fancy art school who only employ warmly spoken world class educators who elucidate in  gorgeous buttery sentences like, We are not chasing perfection, we want believability; think of colour as occurring in a circle. 

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