A master dentist showed thousands of dentists how they can work the most complex of deep margin cases, and answered many, many questions. 

Great tenured teachers used to only work behind ivy covered walls; today they present dynamic, engaging, and free masterclasses to who ever wants to be better at what they do. This is evolution in action, the yin to our world's charred and smoking yang.

  • Today there are a thousand dentists on 5 continents rethinking the way they manage their time.
  • They want to approach tricky caries located below the sub-gingival margin differently.
  • They know they aren’t alone when they can’t keep the damn rubber dam from riding up. 
  • And they may not have to ditch their passion for making latte art after all.  

Did you watch yesterday’s live event? Tell us what you thought!

Like all dentists who registered for the event, I settled into a comfortable corner with a coffee and my device, and marvelled at how easy it is to learn from a dentist with immense experience. 

Dr Lincoln Harris shared deeply complex cases of class two, class five, and crowns that had major issues below the gingival margin to illustrate the ways the following 6 Steps will help you avoid stress, a blood bath, or far worse, miss your lunch.

  1. Recognise that it’s a difficult case. This is the simplest of sentences to write, yet it can be so difficult to identify in the mouth. 
  2. Schedule appointments to avoid stress. Easier said than done, right? Dr Linc’s experience will help you avoid crucial pitfalls. 
  3. Understand when to use anaesthetics and anxiolytics. Dr Linc loves profound and deep anaesthesia - profoundly and deeply.  His eyes light right up on this topic; you will understand why this is so important. 
  4. Prep with Purpose. Like many things, fantastic results are born out of thorough and unapologetic preparation. If you have to take the tissue out, then take the tissue out. Dr Linc assured me that I won’t feel a thing and I feel better! 
  5. Techniques for tissue control involve doing nothing for 5 to 10 minutes. You’ll have to see this masterclass for yourself but I'm pretty sure Dr Linc recommends you own an excellent espresso machine in your office. It's probably wishful thinking, but I think he means: for best soft tissue results, bring your secret latte art passion to life and become the better dentist. He also shows you how to make educated decisions that save you time and your patients money. 
  6. Know when to surrender. Some fights are worth going all the way. Then there are others you just shouldn’t get in the ring for. 

If you missed the live webinar you can still see it! 

Take an hour out of your life and watch it. All you need is your favourite beverage, a comfortable place to rest. It's free! 


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Chantelle Anink

Written by Chantelle Anink

Chantelle is the writer for RipeGlobal