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Occlusion Simplified & Managing Vertical Dimension 

With Dr Lincoln Harris

6-hour lecture series


Occlusion is not near as complex as you think. There are occlusion forums and whole institutes that have one view of occlusion. They make it so complicated and spend all the time telling everyone else is wrong, and we're right and so on. 

This lecture takes a look at the simple fundamental principles of occlusion that are universal, and the ones that you can use in everyday practice from a single tooth to a rehabilitation. 

These simple concepts will help you have an occlusion that is predictable, occlusion that is comfortable and functional. Occlusion that is long lasting and avoids things breaking like fractures, breakages or chips. They will help you have more comfortable patients and stuff like this. 

Those concepts cover 95% of cases and are quite straightforward and simple. This lecture also covers the 5 per cent of cases that are quite difficult and you have to be very very careful. 

The vertical dimension is also very simple. The biggest issue with vertical dimension is that dentists want it to be complicated and it's not. 

So if you're interested in learning more about simplified occlusion that is predictable and comfortable and precise and how we use that knowledge to alter the vertical dimension and when it is convenient and when it will make our cases minimally invasive. 

Then we will get much better long term outcomes will get better long term outcomes because when you use these principles correctly, you remove much less tooth structure, your cases a much more minimally invasive and they'll last longer because when you design your occlusion correctly things break less often. 


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