Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry
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Dr Radoslaw Jadach Cadaver Workshop


Dr Radoslaw Jadach 

Cadaver Workshop

Two Day Cadaver Hands-On in Sydney


Dr Radoslaw will show you a lot of very rare and complex techniques. 


We will look at the layers of the tissues, how to separate mucosa from muscle, how to separate muscle from periosteum, how to do the inverted pedicle flaps by a periosteum. Indications, contraindications, etc.


We all have complications, but from time to time, the differences are how you deal with this and fix that complication. Dr Radoslaw will show you the situations to complex complication, and how to approach it.


We think this will be enough to fill two days, your brain will boil, no problem.


Utilise your knowledge of anatomy to achieve surgical goals
Intensive course 

A full know-how, from the basics to advanced and rare reconstruction techniques.

Managing complications

Diagnostic, matching procedures and techniques to individual cases for successful integration.

Tips and Tricks

Practical use of knowledge of anatomy, physiology and histology for the surgeon

Multiple techniques

Reconstructions, grafting, bone & tissue volume. Dissection of muscles, split flaps + more.

Here's what you'll learn over the 2 days
  • Methods of closing orosinus fistulas
  • Advanced techniques in sinus floor elevation
  • Flaps design on hard palate for: sinus-lift procedure, apiectomy, cystecomy
  • Management of perforation and tear of the Schneiderian membrane
  • How to manage arterial bleeding while opening the lateral window
  • How to close fistulas on vestibular side or hard palate side
  • Soft tissue grafting: clock grafts, pedicled flap from hard palate and inverted rolled periostium grafting
  • How to split the ridge
  • Inverted block
  • Cortical plate transpositioning
  • Khoury technique
  • Closure of wounds, apical sutures
Learning Objectives:
  • How to do split-thickness
  • How to do osteo-periosteal flaps

The Master of Surgery Dr Radoslaw will be back in Australia!


Dr Radoslaw Jadach is coming back to Sydney, Australia with a two day hands-on cadaver workshop. 


We all know that the theoretical knowledge is completely different than experience and hand skills and your ability to do very precision techniques. It is time to start putting all your knowledge to the test!  


Dr Radoslaw will show you a lot of very rare and complex techniques. They are not easy, they are very rare in our offices, but if you're able to understand and complete this kind of procedure or know how to take more than one or two kinds of approaches you may have less failures.


Having the understanding and knowledge of how to change your technique, how to change your treatment plan when complication exist. How do you manage complications during surgery?  If you are aware of multiple approaches you will have more skills in your tool kit to deal with problems that may arise. For example, if you are doing a split-thickness flap, and want to place a soft tissue graft in that area, should we perforate mucosa or detach the periosteum completely from the bone. How should you fix this graft? 


You have to finish the case safely for your patient with good results. It is not good enough to stop the surgery, closed the wound and start again after two months or refer on. Today, if you wish to be a good surgeon, it means that you must know how to deal with complications, and how to fix it immediately.