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Implant Live™ Patient Course

Implant Live™ Patient Course:


I know when I started learning implants, I had a lot of theory. Yet when it came time to do the surgery, I found that the theory did not translate that well to practice.

No one can describe the feeling of an implant drill popping through the cortical bone. No one can read a book and easily carry out a split flap with membrane and xenograft. There are things you must see and do to understand the feel.

More importantly, grafting is often taught as an afterthought to placing implants even though it is really the most important and difficult part of the procedure.

I started this Implant Live™ Patient course to provide the sort of live surgery experience to take you from theory to practice. The focus is on doing surgery continuously for six days.

In my early years, I did similar courses overseas, however I found that because the regulatory environment was different, the techniques we learned were not always appropriate for Australia.

Doing our Implant Live™ Patient course here, you learn the focus on documentation, planning and risk management needed for the working in Australia on Australian patients. Surgically, there will be a heavy focus on grafting, allowing the grafts to heal, and then placing the implants several months later. You will learn to graft and sinus lift before you learn to drill.

This course will allow you to experience:

  • Treating Live Patients
  • Real clinical timeframes
  • Ethical environment
  • Real patient follow-up 
  • Expert Mentor guiding you

An important part of this course is the opportunity to experience real patient follow-up and/or there possible complications.

It's imperative to see the consequences of your surgery, whether they are good or bad.

You will have an experienced mentor to help and guide you through this process and deal with any difficulties.

Implant Live™ Patient:

  • Limited to 9 Dentists for LIVE PATIENT surgery 
  • Treat patients in our surgery in Bargara - Patients provided.
  • Lecture sessions, one-on one mentoring including case planning
  • Hands-On Sessions - Working on soft tissue models, implant models or pig jaws
  • BioHorizons Implant Starter Package valued at $11,162 - used during course
  • Kit includes implants, surgical kit, prosthetic kit and torque wrench -used during course.
  • Includes Aesculap Soft Tissue Instrument Kit valued at $2800 - used during course
  • Registration includes 3 x 3 Day modules 
  • 3 group dinners - 1 per module
  • Morning/afternoon tea and lunch daily (9 days total)
  • 12 months access to Premium RE Online Academy - Clinical Excellence Recordings
  • 12 months access to private mentoring group for clinical support from your teachers
  • 12 Month payment plans available
  • Sold in AUD (Australian Dollars)
  • Working with Australian Dentists for Patients under Australian guidelines in an ethical environment

The purpose of this course is to be METICULOUS, it is not about placing lots of implants! 

It is to learn to do things well. 

This course will be focused on quality not quantity.


Implant Live™ Patient Attendee: Care

Patients will be provided for you (or you have the choice to bring at patient to modules 2 and 3) to treat start to finish. Treatment will vary depending on the case.

It is expected that you will treat more than two or three patient during this course, however, each attending dentist will watch all of the cases that each other is completing during the course, via a live feed, so you will get to see a large variety of procedures.


This course isn't just about placing implants, it is about taking care of the patient, focus will be placed on care and attention to detail, learning and overcoming obstacles that real life patients place on you in your general dental practice every day. You will follow your patients, before, during and after treatment with knowledge of possible complications, risks and treatment along the way. 

Ongoing mentorship via a private online group, will continue for 12 months from the start of the program.  

Our assisting staff will be available so that you can learn some six handed dentistry techniques (if you don’t do it already) and to help you source any of the materials and products we use that you find helpful.

You will also have access to our clinics checklists, strategies and templates used daily by the support team. Everything from room set up lists to post op medication protocols and treatment consent forms.  


Implant Live™ Patient Attendee: Patient Sessions

Participants will visit my office at Bargara three times February, June and October 2020.

We will discuss patent's treatment before, you will need the knowledge to correctly plan and execute the treatment plan.

The course is spread over a long period of time, we don’t want to teach you to rush implants, rushing implants is what causes most implants to fail.

We want to teach you to do a good, safe, solid job with a good outcome aesthetically, functionally and with low risks of complications.

In the initial module we will focus on:

  • Building Soft Tissue
  • Building Hard Tissue
  • Extracting the tooth with correct socket management and preservation
  • Sinus Lifts or other surgeries for the best situation for the implants
  • Basic Implantation and Immediate Implant Placement
  • Treatment Planning using CBCT
  • You will use your BioHoizons Implant Starter Kit (included in your registration fee)


At the second module:

  • You will place an implant/s in the grafting area
  • With further soft tissue modification if necessary
  • Basic Implantation
  • Immediate Implant Placement
  • Management of bone and soft tissue around implants

The third module will vary depending on your case/s:

  • Uncover the implant/s 
  • Closed or Open Tray Impressions
  •  Abutment and material design
  • Multiunit management per case as necessary
  • Management of Implants