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Porcelain veneers in difficult cases: where & how to finish margins!


What will you learn?

It’s often said that dentists should only attempt to do veneers on enamel, in relatively simple cases.

However, porcelain veneers can actually be used to treat much more complex cases, even patients with recession, black triangles and other composites - as long as you can correctly apply them.

 Join Dr Lincoln Harris in this free Masterclass and see how using porcelain veneers in more difficult cases can transform your dentistry.

He'll also cover how and where to finish margins to make life easier for yourself and your lab technincan. 

Where to place a margin when the patient has recession.

How to manage lost papilla and black triangles

When you should go to a crown - even if dentists on social media won’t like it.

How deep should the margin be... or can it be marginless?

What to do so your technician loves you

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Meet Dr Lincoln, your masterclass presenter

Dr Lincoln Harris is an in-demand teacher with vast clinical and business knowledge. Dr Lincoln has presented at international events for more than two decades before creating RipeGlobal online, that he leads as CEO.

Dr Lincoln still maintains his thriving private practice in North Queensland Australia, and loves teaching online. Join him for this masterclass!