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December 2020

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December is going to be eventful!
  • Registrations are OPEN for Advanced Treatment Planning starting early 2021
  • New Member Content: ‘Diagnosing Yes’ by Dr. Michael Melkers
  • Free Event with Dental Nachos x Dr Lincoln Harris on “Achieving 95% treatment acceptance”
  • Restoration Fundamentals Lecture Series - 10 keys to success - Free for Premium Members
  • Free Facebook Live Event hosted by Dr Michael Melkers, Dr Arthur Volker with special guests Dr. Alina Ruzanova and Dr. Karyn Halpern
  • Dr Lincoln presents on Treatment Planning Informed Consent with Seattle Study Club
  • 2020 Rewind - Most Popular lectures of 2020

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Does this sound familiar?
  • Your patients need complex care, but you don’t know how to start planning it
  • You afraid your patients won’t be able to afford the treatment or respond negatively about the cost
  • You think the treatment planning processes will take too long
  • There are multiple treatment options and you confuse patients and yourself
  • You believe your patients will look for another opinion and you lose their business
  • You aren’t meeting your full potential to do the cases you should be doing



Advanced Treatment Planning will give you simple protocols that will allow you to treatment plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with very high case acceptance.

Register Your Interest Today - Spots are Limited!


You asked and we listened! 

We recently changed our payment plans that can combine tuition and equipment. This is available over the duration of the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry for easy monthly payments.

You can also do a payment plan on equipment or tuition separately - we are quite flexible! Just ask us how you prefer to manage it.

We also have engaged a Medical Finance company for registered Australian dentists only, that is tailored to every client, who can spread this out over several years. Ask your Pathway Advisor, and we will put you in contact with them.

Click Here to register your interest today



Click the image above to watch the video on how the equipment kit will work at home


Level Up Your Confidence and Find Your Why - Episode 2 "Diagnosing Yes" with Dr Michael Melkers 

Available 10th December 

Dr Michael Melkers concludes his series which sets out to answer a very innocent and profound question of why: why do we do things in the way that we do them?  

Watch Dr Melkers expertly communicate the complex world of clinical care to help you create and implement new and impactful habits in your practice.

best of 2020


2020 Rewind - Most Popular

Have you watched our top viewed lectures of 2020?   Watch these now as part of the RipeGlobal Membership!

Restoration Fundamentals - 10 Keys to Success

You don’t need to sacrifice speed for quality. This series will help you create more predictable work with less stress and improve your earning potential.

Restoration Fundamentals Course Outcomes:

  • Build on your prior knowledge
  • Master restorative dentistry techniques
  • Create predictable outcomes
  • Reduce stress and limit risks
  • Improve your earning potential



FREE for Premium Members

Facebook Live Session

New York: 12pm US EST (UTC -5) Sunday 6 December
Sydney: 4:00am AEDT (UTC +11) Monday 7 December
London: 5:00pm (UTC +0) Sunday 6 December 

Dr. Alina Ruzanova and Dr. Karyn Halpern are Master Clinicians and RipeGlobal Educators who consistently provide excellence in their restorative care. Please join Dr Michael Melkers and Dr Arthur Volker for a Facebook Live Question and Answer session as Karyn and Alina share their thoughts, tips and tricks that make them two of the most respected clinicians in their field. Analog, digital, lab communications and so much more will be covered.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.29.27 PM
To watch become a member of the Group

Industry Events

Free Networking Extravaganza with Dental Nachos x Dr Lincoln Harris on "Achieving 95% treatment acceptance"

New York: 7:00pm (ET) 1 December
Sydney: 10:00am (AEDT) 2 December 

Dr Lincoln Harris presents his globally recognised expertise on Treatment Planning and teaming up with Dental Nachos for his master class session on “Achieving 95% treatment acceptance”

In a general practice, the patients are not preframed or prepared prior to arriving. In most cases, there are plenty of people who could benefit from comprehensive care, but may not be interested, or will even leave the practice if presented with anything beyond basic general dentistry. 

This course will present key ways to plan complex treatment so that it achieves high acceptance rates and better patient outcomes.

In this class Dr Linc will cover:

  1. How to be your own second opinion.
  2. How never to get sticker shock even up to $USD75,000
  3. The three key steps to acceptance rates over 95%
  4. The guaranteed best way for the dentists to talk about costs.

Seattle Study Club Symposium featuring Dr Lincoln Harris on Treatment Planning Informed Consent

Have you ever been to the Seattle Study Club Symposium? This year it is 100% virtual and Dr Lincoln Harris has been invited to present a 60 minute lecture on Treatment Planning Informed Consent.

Informed consent is a valuable tool when communicating with our patients about the benefits and risks of treatment vs. no treatment. Most dentists see this as roadblock to case acceptance, when, in fact, the reverse can actually be true. In this presentation, Dr Harris uncovers ways to effectively explain the overall health benefits of treatment, allowing patients to make more informed decisions and resulting in higher case acceptance.

Upon completion of this session, you should be able to:

  • Converse with your patients to get a better understanding of their needs.
  • Incorporate the overall health benefits as an important component of informed consent.

See you next month!

From Dr Lincoln Harris, CEO & Founder
& the RipeGlobal Team