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November 2020

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November is going to be BIG!
  • Register for the Hands-on Training From Home Information Session on 8 November hosted by Dr Linc, with Lane Ochi, Alina Ruzanova and other special guests...
  • Four New Releases from Dr Brooke Blicher & Dr Rebekah Lucier Pryles, Dr Michael Melkers and Dr Michael Frazis
  • Enrolments are underway for the Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry 
  • Two FREE master classes on Veneers and Posterior
  • The 2021 Future of Dentistry Education Survey - receive a free gift!

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Hands-on Training
from Home! 

An Information Session hosted by Dr Lincoln Harris
3pm (AEDT) Sunday 8 November

If you are you interested in the Fellowship of Restorative Dentistry, or another of our virtual hands-on courses, then this is a must attend information session that will help you understand the unique teaching method and our innovative virtual delivery.

Dr Lincoln Harris, Dr Lane Ochi, Dr Alina Ruzanova, Dr Michael Melkers and company will discuss their experiences and professional transformations!  Register today!


Dr Lincoln Harris - Your Host

Dr Lane Ochi - Educator

Dr Alina Ruzanova - Educator

Dr Michael Frazis - Educator

Dr Lisa Liu

Dr Rhea Allsopp

Dr Rohit Chaturvedi

Dr James Tran

Dr Mohammed Almusawi


Register to join us on Facebook Live or YouTube Live, or watch the recording at a later date (we will email you a link after the event if you miss it).

Click here to Register for this Free Session


Dr Alina Ruzanova - November 11

Veneers. How conservative can you be?

Gain a practical approach to veneer preparation in this master class with Dr Alina Ruzanova  so you can be more precise and efficient with a more predictable outcome. This class will cover:

  • Logical and precise steps to veneer prep
  • Tips on how to be realistic about the initial clinical situation
  • Choose the best strategy to gain the best result
  • How to avoid mistakes during prep
  • How to facilitate great work with the lab



Dr Lincoln Harris - November 26

Posterior Contacts 

Learn how to create perfect back-to-back interproximal restorations that are easily cleanable, and have no overhangs or food packs. Interproximal composites are extremely time consuming and technically difficult; and redoing them is also disappointing and expensive. You will definitely want to master these techniques for your practice, and Dr Harris will show you how.

Registrations opening soon - keep an eye on your email


Treatment challenges - Endodontic in a State of Emergency with Dr Brooke Blicher & Dr Rebekah Lucier Pryles

November 2

Events such as the global pandemic remind us of the importance of careful diagnostics, pharmacologic management, and the importance of efficient delivery of emergency treatment.

In this video, Brooke and Rebekah will enable you to approach endodontic emergencies with an updated, evidence-based tool kit.

Click here to Watch the Preview







Diagnostic Dilemmas: Resorptive Dental Diseases with Dr Brooke Blicher & Dr Rebekah Lucier Pryles

November 9

It’s a seemingly disparate group of disease entities that share a common pathogenesis of development, and their differences lie in their causes and the types of tissue they affect.

Brooke and Rebekah will explain their shared similarities, as well as their unique differences, helping you feel confident to differentiate and diagnose the types of resorption in order to manage it appropriately in your own clinical practice.

Click here on November 9

All About the Why: what would you do? with Dr Michael Melkers 

November 15

Dr Michael Melkers kicks off this series which sets out to answer a very innocent and profound question of why: why do we do things in the way that we do them?  

Watch Dr Melkers expertly communicate the complex world of clinical care to help you create and implement new and impactful habits in your practice. Part One begins by exploring the triad of communication, treatment planning, and occlusion. Dr Melkers shares his unique approach that will increase your comfort and confidence in clinical and non-clinical decision-making in your practice.

Shade Matching 101 with Dr Michael Frazis 

November 30

Shade matching is one of the most challenging aspects of general dentistry and a lot of the time this comes from inexperience in how to take a proper shade or how to troubleshoot any issues that might occur. 

This video will take you from start to finish in taking a shade. Dr Michael Frazis will also put the chosen colour into practice, make a resin veneer free-hand, then explore some polishing and anatomy tips and tricks.

Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry

A world first! This 2 year course is delivered with zero geographical limitations and the curriculum framework incorporates human factors training - the missing piece in dentistry education that will train dentists to work confidently and competently under stress.

Modules include Posterior Restorative, Anterior Restorative, Veneers, and Full Mouth Rehabilitation.  We are taking registrations now, and applications in October. The course will start in February 2021.   

Click Here to register your interest today





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2021 Future of Dental Education

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