Dr Tim Kamp is a General Dentist in Merrillville, Indiana USA and student in RipeGlobal's Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry (FRD). Last week Tim flew out to Australia to visit Dr Lincoln Harris and RipeGlobal HQ.

He is the first FRD student to travel halfway around the world to visit us here at HQ. After spending a whirlwind 4 days with us, Tim returned home to the United States, leaving us super curious to learn what he thought of RipeGlobal. I caught up with him after his 24 hour jet lag-induced rest to find out. 

Thank you for  travelling 14,500 kilometres to visit us. Why?

First I wanted to see what Linc’s magic was. There is a misconception that he has magic hands, and I had been hoping that it was a product of hard work. The reality is that he grinds it out just like everybody else.

I watched him do a full arch surgery and it took him 3 hours. He’s an in-the-trenches-dentist - a product of hard work. He’s not doing pie-in-the-sky dentistry.

How did you spend your 4 days at RipeGlobal?

I did 2 full days in the dentist clinic with Linc seeing patients. Then I spent 2 days at RipeGlobal. There I did filming, commercials, shadowing work.

At RipeGlobal there is definitely a really good sense that everybody wants to work together and make things better all the time. Even the tech checks that Zoe and Kylie do, where they want to make sure the student’s computer is working great, that’s going above and beyond! There is no course that I've taken that does tech checks.

What is your impression of the FRD course so far?

I’ve done a lot of competitor courses where all of our patients we practised on had perfect teeth.
I think because a lot of Linc's patients are farmers that sometimes have missing teeth, it makes sense that RipeGlobal Courses are tailored towards real-world dentistry - not perfect dentistry. A lot of people hear the word RipeGlobal and think online CE, but this course is way more intense than any course I’ve taken.

What impressed you the most about seeing RipeGlobal Headquarters?

It was really cool to see how fast things are going and how quickly you are innovating. In the room there was old stuff you used last course, and now you got totally new stuff for this course. With every iteration the course is getting better. It’s already so great, and it’s getting better. RipeGlobal courses are a living breathing thing.

Linc being Linc is a great asset to the company but I agree with him that it has to be bigger than him. When he brings the best education to the world with educators from around the world, RipeGlobal is going to fly! It's a really humble thing to do: to step aside and let other educators deliver the best education in the world.

Take Mindaugas, for example [a teacher in the FRD]: Mindaugas is really good at what he does, and he is given a platform on RipeGlobal to show what he can do. He’s this young and hip educator in a tiny country in Europe who produces the best composite dentistry in the world! 

After seeing RipeGlobal with my own eyes I’d like to get more involved in the program.