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RipeGlobal offers courses in all disciplines of dentistry. We bring revolutionary teaching methods producing graduates who are confident, competent, and re-inspired to produce aesthetically beautiful and functionally optimal work.

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Master the skills to treat your patient for all their dental issues throughout their lifetime. 


Restorative Dentistry 


Master the complete spectrum of dentistry fundamentals, including quadrant dentistry, anterior dentistry, veneers, and full mouth rehabilitation.

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Master the confidence to perform bone and soft tissue augmentation, site development and grafting prior to placement of implants.

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Digital Dentistry 


Elevate the aesthetic and functional quality of the dentist’s milling skills, and gain a thorough understanding of tooth shape, texture, and anatomy.

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Straighten teeth before restoring them using minimally invasive techniques and achieve superior cosmetic outcomes.

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Master resective and regenerative techniques, crown lengthening, implant management and grow confidence
with difficult cases of periodontitis.

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Master new and existing endodontic techniques and strategies, how to restore a compromised tooth and precise pain management.

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Your World-Leading Educators

We’re here to help you master your techniques across a range of different dental disciplines. Our educators are experts in their field, the following are just a small selection of the talented dentists that make up RipeGlobal. 

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Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Lincoln is a figurehead in the dental community and the CEO of RipeGlobal, all while maintaining a thriving private practice.


Dr Agne Malisauskiene

Dr Agne teaches and practices aesthetic dentistry with the main focus on direct aesthetic anterior restorations.


Dr Michael Melkers

Dr Michael Melkers is an internationally acclaimed speaker and Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).


Dr Vishal Gupta

Dr Vishal is an internationally acclaimed teacher in aesthetic dentistry with special emphasis on direct composite restorations.

Revolutionary teaching methods


Do - Show - Tell

Dental education has hardly changed in the past 60 years, and most graduate dentists agree that their 5 or 6 years in University had not prepared them well. The classic “tell - show - do” model, that is the University-style curriculum, places theory first, and hands-on education last - or never. At RipeGlobal we flipped the paradigm and the transformation our students make during our Fellowship Courses proves that using a “do - show - tell” model is not only natural in the way we are wired to learn, it produces dentists who have exceptional muscle memory and hand skills..

Strong Nurturing Community

Community engagement and 24/7 support from RipeGlobal mentors and more than 40 master educators who are located in 17 countries fortify the quality of their customer experience.

We Prepare Dentists for Stress

RipeGlobal incorporates stress inoculation training into their curriculum. Training dentists against familiar stressors builds resilience and muscle memory, reducing stress in their practice of dentistry, and further, reduces patient stress.


RipeGlobal’s unique (Collaboration Enhanced Learning experience Platform) CELXP enables cloud-delivered, hands-on learning that surpasses the in-person learning experience.

Simulation Lab Kit

RipeGlobal developed and manufactured a Simulation Lab Kit (Sim Kit) which solved the need for students to attend a physical campus. RipeGlobal now sends the kit - which is essentially their hands-on training classroom - to the student.

Fail-Fast Curriculum

RipeGlobal’s unique curriculum design places bold emphasis on repetitive hands-on skills acquisition using fail-fast methods.

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Be a part of a rich community of 85,000 dentists from more than 40 countries. Our facebook group is active and very engaging. Show your work, share solutions, or ask for advice. Become a better dentist today!

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