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The course Enrollment details accepted by students at initial Enrollment, along with Terms and Conditions at, Student Policies at and Privacy Policy at, govern the Students (you/your) Enrollment, acceptance and attendance to RipeGlobal (RipeGlobal/we/our/us) Courses (course) including Masterclasses, Lectures, Bootcamps, Events, Courses, Modules, Virtual Dental Residencies, 1-Year Associateships and 2-year Fellowships.

Where Student Policies differ from Terms and Conditions published on our website, Terms and Conditions take precedence over Student Policies.


1. Enrolment and Acceptance

You enrol in a course and pay the initial Enrollment and course fee, subject to our standard Terms and Conditions and Student Policies.

Your enrolling in and attending our course is your acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions, Student Policies and your agreement to pay all Fees, Rental, Equipment and Consumable costs relating to your Enrollment and attendance.

Course details, dates and timings are published on our website and may be altered by us, with reasonable notice, for operational requirements. Any alteration of the course does not cause any variation to our Terms and Conditions or Student Policies.

You agree to review our Student Policies and Terms and Conditions periodically to comply with your obligations under our Student Policies and Terms and Conditions.

We may vary, introduce, and publish new Student Policies or Terms and Conditions on our website. At this time, they become effective and replace previous Student Policies and Terms and Conditions.


2. Empowering Student Learning

At RipeGlobal, we are about empowering learners. Central to our mission is to support your learning journey. If you do not complete all course elements, you will receive an Attendance Confirmation Certificate for each element completed. 

You receive a Certificate of Graduation upon fully completing the course and meeting the standard required for all modules, hands-on exercises and assessments within the time frames provided by us.

The course outline on our website details the due dates of coursework and examinations required for each course or module.

We award CPD/CE points for each completed course or module.


3. Respecting Others

You are not permitted to disparage or comment negatively about other students, RipeGlobal, educators, lecturers, related entities, people related to RipeGlobal, or contractors in any capacity or on any forum, including social media. 

You must comply with this policy to avoid immediate removal from the course and all our interactive platforms. No monetary compensation will be applicable if this compliance breach occurs, and any pre-paid fees will be forfeit.


4. Student Support Policy

If you require assistance or educational support in any way, you should contact the RipeGlobal team specific to the course. 

The team will assist or direct you to an educator or suitable person who can help. 

We will determine an action plan according to these Terms and Conditions and our Student Policies.


5. Image, Video and Audio Media Release

You acknowledge that we will record you and your work during the course, including Audio, Video and Images. You agree that we may use any recorded information for any reasonable purpose, in any medium, including print, social media and online.

We record all hands-on and live content for compliance and educational purposes.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you must send a request to us in writing, and we will endeavour to keep your image non-identifiable.


6. Permitted Use of Content 

When your Enrollment is confirmed, we grant you a revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable right to:

  • Download and use any software or website application we have made available to your compatible devices;
  • Access, view and use our content, services and website;
  • Course lectures or video content cannot be downloaded or shared with external parties.

Use is only for your private, non-commercial purposes.

Without our permission, you must not download, reproduce, publish, perform, communicate, adapt, modify, store, vary, decompile or reverse-engineer any content, services, courses, applications, websites, systems, or other software that we make available.


7. Assessment Marking / Points Policy

A total number of assessment points is allocated for each course. 

Assessment points weighting is by the time and complexity required to complete the course. These are not CPD/CE credits.

Assessment points accrue for completing tasks, exercises, case presentations or by the standard of work you achieve. 

The pass rate for each course is for you to achieve 70% or higher of the total required points.

You must attempt and submit all assessment items to pass the course. Awarding of points is only for assessments submitted.


8. Live Patient Treatment Policy

For any assignments that require you to work on a live patient, you must only undertake procedures that you are skilled and already qualified to undertake but are seeking to improve. 

Any Live Patient Treatment procedure is at your sole discretion and your dental practice. 

Based on your work, we will not be liable for any patient's treatment outcomes. 

Any patient surgery under instruction during a course requires a separate agreement, considering the patient, procedure, location and regulatory requirements. 

During the course, there may be several patient surgical cases you will be required to complete. You will need to determine if your skill level is appropriate for each procedure, independently of RipeGlobal.


9. Payment of Fees

You are required to pay all payments, including course fees, rental fees for rental equipment, purchased equipment and required consumables costs that you agreed to pay.

Where an instalment plan is in place for payment of fees, the agreed value will be debited from your nominated payment method according to the payment schedule.

If we do not receive a due payment, you will be notified and asked to make a payment within 10 days. If payment remains outstanding after 10 days, you will be removed from the course, website and systems and required to pay all unpaid fees.


10. Purchased Equipment

The equipment you purchase from RipeGlobal remains our property exclusively, with ownership not passing to you until we receive full payment.

Suppose payments for the equipment are outstanding for more than ten days past due. In that case, you must return the equipment to us at your cost and forfeit any previous payments made. You must pay any due monies.

You must service and maintain the purchased equipment before full payment is received.


11. Rental Equipment

The equipment you have agreed to rent remains our property exclusively, and the ownership title does not pass to you at any time.

You must pay the rental costs under the Rental Agreement signed by you separately to Enrollment.

Suppose Rental payments for the Equipment are outstanding for more than ten days past due. In that case, you must return the equipment to us at your cost and pay all unpaid rent until the date and time our warehouse receipts the returned equipment. Any due monies are to be paid by you.

You must service and maintain the rental equipment during the rental period under the Rental Agreement.

Upon completion of the course, you are granted a grace period of thirty (30) days to arrange for the return of the rental equipment. You must return the equipment to us within 14 days, with packaging and freight cost paid by you.  Items not received at our warehouse in the required time will be charged to you at the total value.

Should you wish to continue to use the manikin to complete any outstanding work, you can take advantage of our rental extension fee at a cost of $100 per month.

Should you require extended use of the equipment beyond the original term you may opt for a rental extension. An extension can be secured at a rate of one hundred dollars ($100) per month, which allows you to retain and use the equipment to complete any outstanding work. 


12. Withdrawal of Enrolment

We understand that things sometimes change after Enrollment, and we strive to provide you with as much flexibility as possible. 

Due to the limited spaces in our courses and the costs we incur for each space taken, irrespective of each student's attendance, Withdrawal of Enrollment is only offered in limited circumstances.

Where you initially enrol and make payment before the Withdrawal of Enrollment Notice Date, you may withdraw your Enrollment by advising us in writing before the Withdrawal of Enrollment Notice Date.

The course's Withdrawal of Enrollment Notice Date is the earlier of; the shipping of rental equipment or hardware from us to you, OR when you gain access to the RipeGlobal Education Platform and initial Course Content, OR 60 days before the course start date.

Suppose we accept your Withdrawal of Enrollment request. In that case, we will credit your RipeGlobal account the fees already paid by you, less any outstanding amount for equipment purchases, equipment rental or outstanding payments and the non-refundable Enrollment fee. You may use any credit for RipeGlobal membership, courses or content within 18 months of your initial Enrollment.

Withdrawal of Enrollment is not possible after the Withdrawal of the Notice Date.

Note that courses are non refundable. The only time we will entertain a request is in exceptional circumstances.

RipeGlobal acknowledges the importance of fairness and compassion in handling refund requests. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we are committed to addressing them with empathy and understanding.

Refunds will be considered solely in exceptional circumstances beyond an individual's control. These circumstances include (and are limited to) severe or chronic illness affecting oneself or a dependent family member, as well as instances of bankruptcy. Note that, if approved, refunds are only issued for the parts of the course that have not been granted access to yet. In this scenario, you must return the Rental Equipment to us within 14 days, with packaging and freight cost paid by you.


13. Deferring Attendance

We understand life can be unpredictable, and some students require special consideration in being able to defer their attendance.

Deferring Attendance is considered for students with no unpaid course fees and due to compassionate or exceptional circumstances, as determined by us periodically.

To request a Deferral of Attendance, you must notify us in writing and provide supporting documentation before the Deferring Attendance Notice Date.

If we accept your request to Defer Attendance, you must continue to pay course payments during the deferral period, and you may re-enrol in the same course within 12 months from the date of deferral. 

You can retain any hardware, equipment or consumables we provided for the course up to your re-Enrollment and during the course while no payments remain in arrears. Otherwise, you must return these items to us within 14 days, with packaging and freight cost paid by you. 

You will be required to pay the value of Items not received at our warehouse in the time required.

The course's Deferring Attendance Notice Date is the earliest of; the shipping of rental equipment or hardware from us to you, OR when you gain access to the RipeGlobal Education Platform and initial Course Content, OR  60 days before the course start date.


14. Confidentiality

RipeGlobal will keep your information confidential. You will keep RipeGlobal information confidential.

Confidential Information includes any information which, by the circumstances of its disclosure, is or could reasonably be expected to be, regarded as confidential but does not include information that is:

  • publicly known other than due to a breach of this policy
  • disclosed to a party by a person independently of this policy
  • developed independently by a party without reliance on any confidential information disclosed under or in connection with this policy

Note: RipeGlobal reserves the right to share clients' email addresses with Third Party partners for pertinent business activities, as deemed necessary.


15. Technology

Each course will have its specific technology requirements as detailed in each course outline on our website. 

You must supply sufficient technology at your own cost to complete the course, including a modern laptop computer, webcam, browser, fast internet connection and a clinical-quality camera.