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Zen and the Borders Technique

  • Dr Mindaugas Kudelis does unsexy dentistry.
  • His passion is so wholesome and digestible, it is very likely that his...
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Webinar on Deep Margins Went Off WIthout A Blood Bath

A master dentist showed thousands of dentists how they can work the most complex of deep margin cases, and answered...

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I'm Afraid. All the time.

Are you

A. Afraid to try a new procedure

B. Afraid to learn a new procedure

C. Afraid you might not be good enough if...

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"I know I have a lot to learn and I don't know where to start"


Yesterday, I was talking to a friend and asking her...

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Has your dentistry been torpedoed?

After Pearl Harbour, the only significant part of the US naval fleet remaining in the Pacific were the submariners.


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How insurance works. Or doesn’t work.

Insurance is a promise.

Every year, customers give insurance companies an amount of money in exchange for the peace of...