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4 min read

Dr Mindaugas Kudelis Masterclass

Learn the Borders Technique

build Posterior Restorations Like a Kung Fu Master

Dr Mindaugas Kudelis is a master at...

2 min read

Zen and the Borders Technique

  • Dr Mindaugas Kudelis does unsexy dentistry.
  • His passion is so wholesome and digestible, it is very likely that his...
2 min read

I'm Afraid. All the time.

Are you

A. Afraid to try a new procedure

B. Afraid to learn a new procedure

C. Afraid you might not be good enough if...

2 min read

First understand yourself, then understand the Patient

Sometimes, as we walk through a mossy, humid, unspoiled temperate rainforest, we can marvel at nature and it's...

2 min read

Nihilist by mouth

"Medical nihilism is the view that we should have little confidence in the effectiveness of medical interventions."


2 min read

The Slow Consultation

Speed. Efficiency. Systemisation.

I've tried them all. I've tried NLP. I've tried two choices:
  • I've tried the huge...
2 min read

Who are you treatment planning?

The patient? Or yourself?

One of the most difficult parts of treatment planning is not understanding the patient. It is...

3 min read

How we CRASH #2- MENTAL Capacity.

Women can multi task.

Men can't.

Actually, that is a myth. No one can multi-task. Not even fighter pilots.

Each of us...

2 min read

How we CRASH #1 - Killer Fatigue

Why do dentists make mistakes?

Why do you make mistakes?

Why do I make mistakes?

I was recently reading an article...

1 min read

Golf dentistry - Compete against yourself

I suppose there are a small number of people who play golf at an internationally competitive level.

However the vast...