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6 min read

How To Deal With A Stressful Day At The Clinic

We’ve all had days in the clinic where stress has become overwhelming.

Maybe you’re dealing with an anxious patient, or...

6 min read

How To Deal With Loneliness In Dentistry

Everyone deals with loneliness from time to time.

Humans are naturally social creatures, when we go long periods of...

2 min read

CEREC Changed my life - here's how

I often think back to when I first started using CEREC.

When it arrived at my clinic, it felt like Christmas morning. 

7 min read

The Future Is Digital: Find Out Why With Dr Michael Frazis

Previously, dentists have outsourced their ceramic work to an experienced ceramist because they either didn't have the...

5 min read

5 Surprising Benefits Of Online Learning

Do you know what I DON’T miss?

Travelling an hour through heavy traffic to get to a full-day seminar where they serve...

5 min read

Teledentistry And Its Powerful Potential For The Future Of Dentistry

COVID-19 has had an almost unparalleled impact on how we live our daily lives. Seemingly overnight we were thrust into...

5 min read

A Look At Some Of The Most Exciting Innovations In Dentistry

Dentistry has long utilised technology to improve the lives of people around the world. Whether it’s innovative ways of...

5 min read

Why The All On X Treatment Concept Is A Win For Everyone

Once upon a time, dentures were the only thing available to replace missing teeth, especially if the patient needed...

7 min read

A Celebration Of The 9 Most Important Female Dentists In History

Dentistry hasn’t always been an accessible field to women. For years, women had to combat the damaging effects of...

3 min read

Dr Karyn Halpern - Mastering Dental Photography

When Karyn was 13 she visited her orthodontist to get braces. Intrigued by her orthodontist’s ability to transform...