RipeGlobal is reinventing dental education, globally.


RipeGlobal uses technology to deliver the best education to help professionals expand their potential and be the best in their field. We are reinventing dental learning to be inclusive,
immersive, accessible and effective.

Our Founding Story


Lincoln is passionate about breaking education barriers since his family struggled to afford him attending university. From 2006 he has run education businesses, developing a huge social media following.  

Cam has led teams advising many of largest education, private and public organisations on digital transformation and collaboration. In 20+ years, he found many organisations struggle shifting to collaborative and immersive work and learning.

In March 2020 Lincoln decided to bring down educational barriers, to raise capital to develop significant online education and build multiple global training centres. He enlisted Cam’s operational expertise to scale the business. During Covid, August 2020, Cam realised learning involving travel didn’t get education close enough to the student. It needed to be brought right to their office or home. This moment saw Cam’s collaborative technology and platform experience, and Lincoln’s unconventional and disruptive teaching methods combine to form the first cloud delivered, hands-on training course.   

Growth of the minimum viable offering led to the formation of the CELXP platform, which allows anyone with internet to learn faster and better, at 70% less cost. It also brings people together in supportive continuous collaborative communities, beyond while they learn.

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How RipeGlobal is empowering confident,
capable, safe & successful dentists.



Global Accessibility

Any dentist can learn regardless of location, prestige or wealth.


Inclusive Community

Platform community spaces promote constant collaboration.


Immersive Learning

Simulation kit & platform combine, enabling deep learning.


Affordable & Travel-Free

No travel, lower fees, minimal clinic downtime, massively reduced cost.


Cloud-Based Hands-On

Direct live educator hands-on coaching, builds skills fast.


Optimised Learning

Dynamically optimised learning based on analytics.


Engaged interactive
online learners


International Educators


Active and supportive
Facebook community


Students enrolled in our
Flagship 2-year course

Our Foundational Pillars



Through technological advancements in analytics-driven learning and an exclusive hands-on cloud-based method, RipeGlobal is delivering industry-leading educational outcomes for dentists of all abilities globally.


The secret is the unique curriculum design, with strong emphasis on repetitive hands-on skill acquisition using 'fail-fast' methods. It is this formula for learning that has revolutionised the way people learn, from anywhere in the world.


Our world class educators, our valued students and our course delivery team combine to make the most collaborative cloud-based learning experience available to students in the world, creating life-long connections.

Our Integrated Learning Experience



Hands-On Learning 

Hone your skills with our unique Cloud-based hands-on training from anywhere.

Engaging Content

From beginner to advanced content covering an extensive range of topics.

Always Interactive

24/7 immersive interaction between educators and students.

Community Support

Supportive community keen to collaborate and help solve problems together.

Sim Kit Collage (S)

Simulation Kits 

Hands-On Learning Unique to RipeGlobal

RipeGlobal's Simulation Lab Kit (Sim Kit) was developed and manufactured to solve the need for students to attend a physical campus in order to develop their skills. RipeGlobal now ships these kits to students worldwide, creating the most accessible cloud delivered hands-on dental learning globally and allowing any dentist to learn from anywhere. 


Think start-up silicone valley meets Aussie beachside town.

Headquartered in Bargara, Australia, RipeGlobal is the first company in the world to make dental education globally accessible, inclusive, affordable, democratic, and travel-free.


Our Co-Founders



Dr Lincoln Harris

Chief Executive Officer / Founder



Cam Harris

Chief Strategy Officer / Founder


Certified Continuing Education

RipeGlobal is recognised by PACE, New Zealand Dental Association, General Dental Council, and Australian Dental Industry Association.


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