Our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust informs everything we do

We constantly ask, Can it be done better? This ever-present question has instilled within us a powerful drive to innovate the way education is delivered in order to better serve the dental profession.

RIPE Global was born out of the desire to bring education to the dentist when dentists wrestled with the cumbersome task of seeking further education.

Our origin story began in a private Facebook group attached to Dr Harris’ education platform, Restoring Excellence. The group grew rapidly, and RIPE’s resources were soon answering the continuing education needs of more than 73,000 members. 

We had identified that the biggest challenge for dental professionals pursuing further training was that they need to physically leave their practice. Our solution to this problem came in the form of RIPE Academy, which launched in 2016. 

RIPE Academy is an online education platform that offers the highest quality education for dental professionals world-wide, any time.



Dr Lincoln Harris


Dr Lincoln Harris is highly respected by the global dental community for his vast clinical and business knowledge. He is an in-demand teacher who has presented at international and domestic events for more than two decades.

Early in his career Dr Harris’ passion for mastery saw him pursue extensive continuing education training around the world in diverse areas of dentistry.

He is a full-time private practice dentist who intimately understands the pressure and stress that dentists can experience in their clinic, administration and business.

Dr Harris is a natural-born teacher who demonstrates and deconstructs complex procedure masterfully. Known for his unique teaching style that has made him an in-demand international presenter, Dr Harris weaves a wisdom through his teachings that is born from the most unlikely of places: failure. Poor clinical outcomes are of course disappointing, they are also a student’s greatest teacher. 

Dr Harris works tirelessly building his global education hub, RIPE. He enjoys a busy clinic and teaching schedule.