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Our restorative courses consist of a minimum 20% hands-on training - more hands-on training than any other course - as well as the latest theory and literature reviews. 

RipeGlobal incorporates a unique curriculum method that trains dentists against the stressors of the profession. This dramatically alters the amount of day-to-day stress dentists experience in their practice.

RipeGlobal Fellowship courses are entirely cloud-based and delivered through our unique platform. Our ratios of teachers to students ensures that every student will receive greater tuition, access to educators and feedback compared to in-person courses. 

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Restorative Courses



Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry is a curated course designed to teach you greater predictability, make you feel confident with your skillset and help you ensure safe outcomes for your patients. It's intense, involved, hands-on and exhilarating... all experienced through industry-leading simulation from the comfort of your own home or clinic.

hands-on bootcamps

Hands-on Bootcamps

Our cloud-based Bootcamps are designed so that you can quickly and effectively up-skill your dentistry. Allowing you to safely improve your dentistry without having to close down your clinic or sacrifice time with your patients or family in order to complete training.

fast natural posterior fillings vho

Fast Natural Posterior Fillings VHO

Master posterior restorations to deliver superior quality predictable results and beautiful aesthetics. Practice Mindaugas's Borders Technique on virtual models to make your restorations look stunningly natural. Learn to see what you can’t see right now.


Restoration Fundamentals Lecture Series

Learn how to strike a balance between speed, efficiency, and quality. Manage anxious patients with ease. Master situations such as when tissue continues to bleed and you can’t get the matrix on. Become more efficient with your preps without compromising speed for quality. Learn how to isolate teeth without negatively impacting efficiency or effectiveness.

Fundamental lecture pack restorative

Fundamental Lecture Packs: Restorative

We've taken world-class educators, developed lectures that are aimed at solving common core-level problems and bundled them into a variety of Fundamental Lecture Packs - each focusing on different dental disciplines. You can expect effective education that can be implemented in your clinic the very next day and the ability to learn at your own pace.

aesthetic crown lengthening bootcamp

Aesthetic Crown Lengthening Lecture Series

Register your interest for the upcoming 'Aesthetic Crown Lengthening' series with Dr Lincoln Harris.

basics of sutures lecture series

The Basics of Sutures Lecture Series

Register your interest for the upcoming 'Basics of Sutures' series.

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