I see my new confidence reflected in my whole team

Dr Stefanie Hirt has practised general dentistry in Switzerland for 12 years. Stefanie holds a Doctorate degree in dentistry. She is 40 years old

Stefanie’s Dental Practice before enrolling in the Fellowship
  • Stefanie practised single-tooth dentistry using direct techniques almost exclusively

  • She avoided complex treatments and indirect restorations due to a lack of confidence.

  • Her focus was to please her patients: treating them as quickly as possible and doing the cheapest restorations using the highest quality consumables she had. 

  • Stefanie felt guilty about her fees.  

Stefanie’s Actions

Stefanie enrolled in Ripeglobal’s Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry course 2021/22.

Her goals:
  • Learn how to treatment plan.

  • Increase her confidence.

  • Improve manual skills and gain knowledge in indirect techniques.

  • Improve case acceptance.

  • Become more proficient in patient guidance.

  • Learn how to do bigger cases and not be stuck in single-tooth dentistry.

  • Be confident to express what she thinks is right and not give in to please her patients.

  • Stop feeling bad about her fees.

  • Stop feeling insecure about offering treatment options.

  • Learning how to plan slowly without having to offer a treatment plan and cost estimate immediately.

  • Learn to say no when appropriate to her patients.

How the Fellowship helped Stefanie achieve her goals 

“The support from my community - fellow dentists in my cohort - is massive in this course and has affected me in so many positive ways. 

The lectures are very structured. The essential knowledge of these classes is applicable in practical ways.

The Fellowship is the best hands-on course I have ever taken. They provide clear instructions, and immediate feedback. Educators offer helpful constructive criticism and are very supportive. I have never ever experienced this before in any dental education.

The Fellowship is not over when it’s over. It’s the course that keeps on giving. Students and educators all watch and help each other grow.”

How Stefanie’s practice has changed after studying the Fellowship

  • Stefanie no longer includes treatment planning in the first consultation.

  • She can think about treatment planning quickly. Then when she consults with her patient she calmly offers a few options. Cost estimates are only handed out if a patient has made up his/her mind about a treatment option.

  • Stefanie feels confident in her fee structure.

  • She takes longer and does better work.

  • Stefanie offers more complex dentistry.

  • She has good boundaries with her patients.

After the Fellowship


“Dentistry feels less like a duty towards my fellow human beings, and more like it is a service for their well being which requires their collaboration and acceptance of what I offer - and for a charge that reflects my worth.”


  • Stefanie felt less stressed and more confident. She felt capable in all aspects of the demands her practice required, and she knew where to source support or information in any challenges she faced. 

  • Stefanie also developed strong boundaries in the relationships with her patients and feels comfortable when she says no. 

  • Stefanie is part of a strong community of colleagues, connected with friends and other dentists worldwide. 

  • Patients with different kinds of issues are starting to come to see her. They have more complicated cases.

  • Her first consultation now takes an hour and she does full photos.

  • She has restructured her treatment planning and sees patients twice before delivering a plan and a cost estimate.

  • She has restructured her schedule to allow for more complicated treatments. 

  • She now does full mouth rehabilitations and indirect quadrant dentistry without having a meltdown.

  • She sees her new confidence reflected in her whole team.

“This course is something extraordinary”

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