Start delivering better patient outcomes with our restorative fellowship.

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry is a 2-year course that utilizes hands-on training, lectures and case guidance to efficiently increase skills, confidence and ROI.

. The course includes:

  • Single tooth prep to full mouth rehabilitations
  • Hands-on simulation training
  • Case guidance, mentorship and community support

About The Fellowship

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry will transform your career as you engage in live cloud-based simulations and benefit from ongoing mentorship, all without geographical limits. Upskill in all aspects of dentistry, including single tooth, quadrant dentistry, veneers, and full mouth rehabilitations.

Increased Production
Up to a 3x increase in average gross per hour production.*

Increased Case Acceptance
Up to a 2.5 increase in average treatment plan acceptance.*

Increased Value
Up to a 4x increase in treatment plan value.*

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Elevate your dentistry


We know our courses work. If you fully commit, complete all program requirements, and meet required standards, you can expect to:*

  1. Deliver exceptional, efficient composite quadrants with tight contacts and no sensitivity.
  2. Elevate your esthetic dentistry with beautiful anterior composites that seamlessly blend in.
  3. Craft more exquisite layered composite veneers using advanced techniques.
  4. Expand your practice and expertise in full mouth ceramic rehabilitation.
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry hands on day
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry Sim Kit
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry Students
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry Sim Kit setup
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Key learning outcomes:

  • Quickly build a quadrant of composites, manage deep-margin cases without fear.

  • Confidently plan and carry out indirect restorations using multiple materials.
  • Diagnose and plan simple and complex restorative cases to achieve ideal aesthetic outcomes.
  • Demonstrate highly developed photographic skills for planning, documenting, and communicating aesthetic dentistry with patients and laboratories.

Key performance outcomes:

  • Skillfully handle and execute more complex restorative treatments, broadening your service offerings to help you meet a broader range of patient needs.

  • Experience a surge in revenue as you can offer a broader range of services, and see those earnings increase as you continue to grow your skills case by case.

  • Retain and manage cases that previously would have been referred to specialists well-suited to be treated within your dental practice.

Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry Students
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry Sim Kit setup
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry Sim Kit
Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry hands on day
How Why Landing Page FRD Kit 3

Course Outline Overview



On-Demand Lectures

See below some of the topics covered in our lectures:

  • occlusion
  • vertical preps
  • indirect restorations
  • matrixing
  • anterior composites
  • designing and planning
  • composite veneers
  • porcelain veneers
  • root canal therapy
  • bridges
  • tissue control
  • + more
Fail-Fast Learning

We use pre-theory challenges to get the most out of your live hands-on sessions. These challenges cover posterior, anterior, veneers, and full-mouth rehab exercises.

Challenges include: 

  • crown prep
  • restoring posterior and anterior cavities in composite
  • direct layered veneers and aesthetics

  • prep and temporize ceramic veneers

  • plan multiple multi-disciplinary cases
  • + more

For more information, download the course overview brochure.

Hands-on Simulation Sessions

This course has eight hands-on sessions that will have you utilize your simulation kit to replicate a procedure on the manikin. You’ll receive live feedback from an educator in these sessions.

For more information on the hands-on simulation sessions, please download the brochure.

Case Guidance

Mentorship is an integral part of your learning process, which is why we have our educators give case guidance. Every six weeks, an educator will provide feedback on cases submitted through a live session. This enables you to learn and improve your quality of work at a faster rate.

Mentorship and Community

From the moment you start, you will have 24/7 access to a tight-knit community of like-minded dentists, including peers and educators. Here, you can ask questions, discuss issues, receive and give advice, etc. You’ll get a range of educators and current and past peers of all levels responding and uplifting you.

Want to know more about the fellowship?

Download the Overview Brochure to find out more about the:

  • Course structure and learning pathway
  • Lectures, case guidances, hands-on sessions
  • Community and mentorship
  • And more!

Hear What Our Dentists Have To Say

Every learner in our programs or clinical owner we speak to raves about the impact RipeGlobal has on their clinical performance, professional success, income, and often their happiness and satisfaction in life. 


Dr Fauzia Khan

FRD Student, America

Practise, Repeat, Retain

The experience of doing the hands on course from my office has been one of the biggest benefits. Not only am I more relaxed because I'm in a known setting and I can do as much or as little preparation before the course to get myself ready and then when I'm there I get to do the course work that's asked of me but then I understand and I have the setup that I can replicate that time and time again. 


Dr Stefanie Hirt

FRD Student, Switzerland

Be Inspired

I got inspired directly by Lincoln. I got really interested because I’ve never wanted to go back to school, and this was the perfect option to do clinically relevant and practice-oriented learning.


Dr Jaclyn Toh

FRD Student, Singapore

Return On Investment

I would say FRD is like therapy because for many of us, we feel comfortable talking about technical/clinical aspects with other colleagues but the psychological aspects feel taboo to talk about/you work in a culture where it is frowned upon/you will be taken advantage of by others for admitting to your faults and insecurities.


Dr Jason Retter

FRD Student, Canada

Work is just more fun!

On the clinical side I've essentially changed everything, from premolar to molar. Crowns preps, cores, my ops were always my Achilles heel. Now I'm proud of them and rarely get stressed. Never worried about flash or contacts. I love taking photos. I think it emphasises quality and care to the patients.

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Revolutionary teaching methods

Most dentists suffer from stress and anxiety at some point of their career. That's because dental education does not provide enough repetition to build your muscle-memory.

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Trusted by students, globally

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry is a fantastic way to reignite your passion for dentistry and connect with like-minded peers from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions



When is the next fellowship intake?

 The next Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry intake is July 2024, currently open for enrolment and includes:

  • Welcome Presentations
  • Platform Onboarding
  • Pre-Theory Challenge Assessment
  • Simulation Training
  • And more!
What is the Time Commitment?

 Time commitment varies for the Fellowship for different aspects but we typically see:

  • Average Per Week: 3-4 hours
  • Simulation Trainings: 7 hours each
What does enrollment cost?

We offer a variety of payment options including:

  • In Full
  • 50/50 Split (6 months apart)
  • Monthly
  • Financing through Credabl

*Pricing varies by location.

For course pricing, talk to us today.

What's included with my enrolment?

When you enroll in the Fellowship, you will receive:

  • A full Simulation Kit for your cloud-delivered hands-on experience.
  • Weekly touch points and mentorship from the lead instructors.
  • 24/7 support from the Customer Success Team.
  • Case guidance, and a community of fellow dentists
What Lectures are included?

This course uses a series of lectures curated by world-class dentists in restorative dentistry so you can maximize your learning and get the most out of your hands-on sessions.

Posterior and Anterior Lectures cover:

  • occlusion
  • vertical preps
  • indirect restorations
  • matrixing
  • anterior composites
  • + more

Veneers, Cosmetic, and Rehabilitation Lectures cover:

  • designing and planning
  • composite veneers
  • porcelain veneers
  • root canal therapy
  • bridges
  • tissue control
  • + more

* Following the successful completion of all programs in a discipline, dentists can anticipate the above increases. These indicative values are from median results based on previous RipeGlobal Fellowship graduates. Your results will vary depending on your commitment to the programs.

** RipeGlobal stands behind this promise and will offer a refund of tuition (excluding enrollment fees, equipment rental, consumables, shipping costs and transaction fees) for any program where we do not meet our promise. A refund is only considered when the learner has completed all work, without exception, and any additional extension work or practice asked of them by us.

*** Refer here for program commitment and completion requirements that are to be upheld to claim on our promise.