In the dental industry, implementing a patient-focused business strategy can create and strengthen your relationships with your team, your patients, and your community. When you put people first, you set the stage for a mutually respectful atmosphere in which you can provide quality dental services to anyone who chooses your practice for their dental needs.

Restorative dentistry — repairing or replacing missing teeth — can transform not just your practice, but the lives of your patients. These procedures enable everyday chewing, speaking, and oral comfort for patients. Offering some of the most sought after dental procedures should begin with restorative dentistry continuing education for you and your staff. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of continuing education that can enhance your practice with exceptional restorative dentistry services, and how RipeGlobal can help you grow.     

Restorative Dentistry Starts With the Right Foundation

Although general dentists learn restorative dental procedures in school, having experience and confidence from continued education allows for a stress-free environment in which patient care is the priority. Additionally, you’ll need to know about any advancements in the field as well as improvements to procedures that will allow for a better patient experience.

Benefits of Continuing Dental Education

Honing your knowledge post-grad with educational resources has several benefits including:

  • Growing your skill set

  • Attracting more patients

  • Providing the best patient care

  • Recertification of licenses

  • Learning from inspirational mentors

  • Strengthening your resume

  • Connecting with like-minded individuals

Research has shown that online learning that includes interactive components and engaging content can be more effective than traditional classroom environments. An engaging platform that gives you access to the information you need provided in a variety of proven learning approaches will put the power of learning back into your hands. 

Attending learning events like SmileCon® provide the opportunity to connect with other professionals and gain knowledge from professionals in the field. However, you can accelerate your career by seeking additional resources that provide you with hands-on practice and comprehensive learning opportunities for restorative dentistry and beyond. A flexible online learning experience can allow you to increase your mastery of individual procedures while still managing the daily operations of your practice simultaneously.

Restorative dentistry continuing education topics to consider adding to your knowledge base for growing your practice include:

  • Crowns

  • Inlays and Onlays

  • Root Canal Therapy

  • Bridges

  • New Technology and Procedures

RipeGlobal’s Continuing Education

At RipeGlobal, we want dentists to succeed clinically, financially, and personally. Cloud-Based Hands-On training backed by a supportive community of dental professionals provides a rock-solid foundation for growing your practice. Additionally, RipeGlobal has a number of content offerings ranging from Periodontics to Practice Management.

Of course, Restorative Dentistry is also fully covered with courses, bootcamps, and extended learning opportunities. Restorative Dentistry courses and bootcamps with RipeGlobal address core-level challenges such as:

  • Heal-promoting suture techniques

  • Expedited fillings

  • Restorations for longevity

Restorative Dentistry Residency

The Restorative Virtual Dental Residency by RipeGlobal offers a hands-on curriculum designed to supercharge your hand skills and expand your knowledge with input from some of the best educators in the world. At least 20% of the FRD is hands-on training. With a strong curriculum and experienced teachers at your side, you can take your practice to the next level by transforming your learned skills and knowledge into uplifting dental experiences for your patients. 

This full-mouth, two-year course is designed to offer insights and training paired with feedback and learning resources not typically available elsewhere. 

Revolutionize Your Practice With RipeGlobal

Restorative dentistry CE courses can support you and your team as you grow and establish your practice as a frontrunner in knowledgeable dental services.  To reach restorative excellence, find out more information about RipeGlobal’s Restorative Virtual Dental Residency.

RipeGlobal's Virtual Dental Residency in Restorative Dentistry