I honestly signed up not knowing that I would learn so much; from the simplest terms to use with patients to becoming motivated to learn more about implants and soft tissue management. I wish I had signed up earlier. I feel confident tackling more complex treatments.
Dr Esther Je
RipeGlobal Member
No-nonsense content, modern clinical techniques that can be readily applied. Full protocols are transparent and easy to follow. Speakers are excellent with diverse backgrounds and none are afraid to share their mistakes! Unbeatable value for money - RipeGlobal, you are providing an immense service for the betterment of global dentistry and I can't thank you enough!
Dr Kelvin Tay
RipeGlobal Member
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Master Class: First Contact with Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Lincoln Harris will take you through a methodical step-by-step process so you can be confident every day that your composite restorations will be comfortable for the patient, long lasting, have perfect seal of the gingival margins so that the tissue health is good and marginal leakage is unlikely.

This masterclass will help you achieve:
Greater predictability and efficiencies in matrix selection
• Perfect emergence profiles using simple protocols 
• Recognise when a good contact can’t be made and to let it go

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Introducing Restoration Fundamentals

Learn how to make your work more predictable and with less stress without compromising quality.

This course builds on your prior knowledge to master restorative dentistry techniques.

You don’t need to sacrifice speed for quality.

This series will help you create more predictable work with less stress and improve your earning potential.



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Experience Our Career Changing Content

Access mentors with decades of dentistry experience to short-cut your learning journey.




Explore Your Learning Topics

Like you, we realise the importance of learning from our successes and failures. We are real practicing dentists, with real patients every day. We’ll guide you to minimise the risk of failure, and learn at a rapid pace.

Dr Brooke Blicher

A - Z of Endodontics

A to Z Endodontics presents an up to date, clinically relevant, and exciting comprehensive endodontics curriculum.

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Meet Your Master Dentists

RipeGlobal’s master dentists have world-class reputations and centuries of combined experience, they inspire members around the globe to excel at all aspects of dentistry - where they integrate excellence of the clinical, patient, practice, and communication.

Live Events and In-Person Training

Clinical training and practice development support for dentists who aspire to improve their skills, knowledge, and practice profitability.

Find your next course here. We offer both online and hands-on dental courses, as well as live patient courses for advanced dentists looking to grow their skills rapidly.

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Our Members Say it Best

Hear from other dentists that have improved their skills and understanding with our lectures

So this is my first course with Lincoln and it certainly won't be my last. I feel that I'm in the same head space as Lincon, I pride myself on the same standard of patient quality care, patient management, and I'm absolutely loving the tips on treatment planning.

Dr Nicole Mickan

He presented some amazing cases. And he's really invigorated me… the thing I loved most about it is he was frank and honest… which I think is very important when a lecturer speaks, rather than showing us all the wonderfully glossy things that have worked, but also telling us what doesn't work.

Dr Michael Finkelstein

Recent Masterclasses

Access decades of industry knowledge and experience
from some of the biggest names in dentistry.

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Clinical Masterclasses

Learn from the very best! Showcasing the latest dental innovations and inventions.

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Master core, niche-specific, and advanced dental skills from full day lecture recordings.

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Virtual Hands-On*

Learn step-by-step as you follow along with the online videos.

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Intense learning experiences to develop your skills in fine detail.

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