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Does this sound familiar?
  • Your patients need complex care, but you don’t know how to start planning it
  • You afraid your patients won’t be able to afford the treatment or respond negatively about the cost
  • You think the treatment planning processes will take too long
  • There are multiple treatment options and you confuse patients and yourself
  • You believe your patients will look for another opinion and you lose their business
  • You aren’t meeting your full potential to do the cases you should be doing


Imagine a world where….
  • You treatment plan more thoroughly and in less time, keeping beautiful records done quickly
  • Your acceptance rates dramatically increase for all case types, using a step-by-step protocol that works, even if you are shy
  • Your legal risks are reduced and patient satisfaction is increased through informed consent
  • You confidently discuss expensive treatment plans and patients don't look for a second opinion
  • You rarely have cost shock or rejections
  • You are booked with patients months in advance

Advanced Treatment Planning will give you simple protocols that will allow you to treatment plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with very high case acceptance.

We believe that treatment planning does not have to end with rejection.  

We understand that discussing high cost and complex treatments can be uncomfortable for dentists, which is why we have over 500 successful Treatment Planning course graduates who use our simple protocols that allow dentists to plan even the most complex cases efficiently, ethically, and with high case acceptance.  


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Transforming Treatment Planning : Case Study

  • Dr Kat Pugina struggled to attract patients who cared for their oral health beyond emergency visits. 
  • Kat lacked confidence in communication, and consequently, struggled with treatment planning. 
  • Kat could not find a way past being an emergency dentist. This left her frustrated with the quantity of work she had to do to reach a level of economic stability, and limited the kind of dentistry that she practiced every day.

Read the Case Study how Kat was able to move beyond emergency dentistry, and learned to communicate the larger picture to her patients using skills she learned in treatment planning. 

Kat now has a 95% acceptance rate of her treatment plan proposals and boasts a one to three month waiting list!

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Dr Albert Lin - Dentist
Dr Michael Finkelstein - Dentist
Dr Geetika Gupta - Dentist

Are you ready for the challenge?

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RipeGlobal is innovating the learning approach and teaching method delivering better outcomes for the new virtual learning world.

With 1,500 satisfied graduates in our programs, we know our education is great, but now we have made it even better.


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Hear from our Graduates

We have 1,500 satisfied graduates from our courses, delivering better outcomes for Dentists over the world.


Dr Rohit Chaturvedi - 2019 Graduate




About the Speaker: 

Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Harris’s focus has always been on excellence. His pursuit of excellence permeates everything he does. He is a full-time clinician in private practice and international presenter. Dr Harris understands the pressures and stresses that dentists face in clinical, administration and business situations.