Group Pathway Programs

The program where clinical excellence and successful business meet.

It's all based on confidence and competence.

Your associate's confidence and technical competency are on display when recommending treatment plans to their patients - which means your associate's effectiveness is only equal to the abilities and confidence they can 'sell'. 

With our methods, we can effectively elevate your associate's abilities and belief in themselves, which will correlate with an increase in their treatment plan value and case acceptance rate.

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We‘ve partnered with Restocq to help you unlock your business growth.

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What's included in the Program?


This program is tailored to your business and associate needs and can include:

  • All Access Membership
  • Clinician Development Tool
  • CPD/CE Tracker
  • Schedule of learning for all associates 
  • Treatment planning and photography diagnostics workflows
  • Dental Associate management platform
  • Clear and consistent reporting
  • Review consultations 
  • Account Management
  • Dedicated Customer Success Advisor
  • Yearly review workshop with RG Team
  • BONUS: Fellowship deals
  • Optional: Co-branded dashboard 

Benefits of the personalised pathway programs:

Minimise Down Time

Minimise Chair Down Time

The amount of chair downtime is a fraction of traditional education. It is largely why RipeGlobal education will cost you or your dentists a quarter of traditional education methods.

Visibility of Growth

Complete Visibility of Growth

Our group dashboard allows a clinical director or Principal to see the baseline of all their dentists, the progress they are making with their education, the impact it is having on their performance, and even their clinical quality.

Attract & Retain

Attract and Retain

Attract new students and dentists early in their careers with the opportunity to develop their skills. Retain the staff you have by helping them upskill and increase their productivity while you see your clinic increase its earnings. It's as simple as that. 


Restocq is a single platform that centralises ordering, tracking and budgeting to save money, win back time and increase control.