In March 2020, Dr Lincoln Harris decided to reduce learning barriers by investing in developing online education and building multiple physical global training centres. He enlisted the help of his brother, and now Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of RipeGlobal, Cam. Cam assisted with his operational expertise to bring this business idea to life. During Covid, In August of 2020, Cam realised learning involving travel didn't get an education close enough to the student. It needed to be brought right to their office or home.

This moment saw Cam's collaborative technology and platform experience and Lincoln's unconventional and disruptive teaching methods combine to form the first cloud-delivered hands-on training course. This means you can earn your CPD/CE Certificates without closing your appointment books, finding a locum or even leaving your home!

The growth of the business led to the formation of the CELXP platform, which allows anyone with internet access to learn faster and better at 70% less cost. It also brings people together in supportive continuous collaborative communities while learning. RipeGlobal uses technology to deliver the best education to help Dental professionals expand their potential and be the best in their field. We are reinventing dental learning to be inclusive, immersive, accessible and effective.

Through technological advancements in analytics-driven learning and an exclusive hands-on cloud-based method, RipeGlobal is delivering industry-leading educational outcomes globally for dentists of all abilities. RipeGlobal is for dentists, by dentists. We understand that your time is valuable; you need impactful and effective education that you can implement immediately. Complete or Participate in any RipeGlobal Course or Masterclass and receive your CPE/CE Points right after!

So, where do you sign up?

Our website:, has the dental library of your dreams! - Whether you need a refresh on your foundational skills or want to pursue your particular interest and become the best in your field. Please browse through our website and easily find the perfect topic for you and start your journey today!

RipeGlobal is proudly recognised by PACE, the New Zealand Dental Association, the General Dental Council, and the Australian Dental Industry Association. All of RipeGlobal's Dental Education is complete with CPD/CE certificates.


Written by RipeGlobal