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Join 85,000 dentists from around the world who are growing their confidence, skills and income with our new online training techniques.

1 Year Associateships,
from your own home or clinic.

Our associateship courses are designed to give you greater predictability in your restorative dentistry, for less time and cost. When a procedure doesn't feel predictable, it is rare that we offer it, or do it, in any volume. 

Revolutionary teaching methods

Most dentists suffer from stress and anxiety at some point of their career. That's because dental education does not provide enough repetition to build your muscle-memory. You learn the theory at the course. But end up "practicing dentistry" when you get home.

RipeGlobal uses revolutionary cloud-based simulation training techniques to teach hands on, and it cost a lot less. Our intense cloud hands-on classes are designed to be immediately transferable to practice, and to significantly enhance your technical skills, not just teach you practical theory.

RipeGlobal Associateship Courses



Associateship in Restorative Dentistry

The Associateship in Restorative Dentistry is the first year of one of the most comprehensive restorative excellence courses. Learn how to improve your posterior and anterior dentistry in just 4 hours a week - from your own home or clinic.


Associateship in Modern Implantology

For years, we've been watching dentist struggle with the same complication, while learning implantology. Finally, we decided to build a course where you don't just get knowledge, but you are competent, you are confident, and your patients are safe!

The Fellowship in Modern Implantology combines comprehensive theory with world leading intensive simulation hands on training, and extensive live patient training so that when you graduate, you are competent, and your patients are safe.

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