Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation
Dentistry with CEREC Associateship


Courses will be delivered in Australian and USA timezones. The course starts Feb 2022.

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Are you using your in-office mill just for its software design capabilities and leaving the machine to do the rest?

Do you often get an inferior result compared to what you get from an experienced ceramist?


Do you feel frustrated with the aesthetic and functional results you get when you use your mill?


It’s time to take back control of your practice and learn Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry with CEREC!


What’s The Associateship About?

The Digital Aesthetic And Rehabilitation Dentistry With CEREC Associateship is designed to enable you to become comfortable and confident with CEREC in your own clinic so you can implement your learnings immediately and make a difference in your dentistry.


The Associateship consists of three courses - which you can enrol in separately. Completing the three courses grants you a RipeGlobal Associateship in Digital Aesthetic And Rehabilitation Dentistry With CEREC


The curriculum will give you an in-depth understanding of tooth shape, texture, anatomy, optics, digital science and CAD/CAM systems as you complete ceramic work to a high standard. 


You’ll learn efficient design strategies to give you much better teeth designs, much quicker. There are exercises in the courses that teach you to design complex cases efficiently and get a better look to your designs faster.


You’ll also learn how to complete full-arch rehabilitations using CEREC which will revolutionise your dentistry.


If you do not have access to CEREC and/or mill (especially on weekends) we will aim to assist you with a suitable facility to perform the hands-on components.


Why Should I Learn Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry with CEREC?

You'll learn the skills you need to get ahead of the rest of your peers with technology that's only going to become more prominent in the dental industry. 

In addition to that, there are four main benefits that we think will make the courses perfect for anyone interested in getting the results they need with their milling machines. 


  1. Enjoy your work: You'll learn the strategies and skills needed to get results that far exceed what you'd get from a lab. You'll become more confident and comfortable using the machine and you'll get results you're proud to show off.

  2. Be able to complete complex cases: The number of cases you'll be able to complete with your machine will double or triple. Most dentists only use their PrimeMill to complete simple posterior cases and send anything complicated to a lab. The Associateship will change that. You'll expand your repertoire and completely change what you're able to do with the machine.

  3. Increase profitability: As a result of being able to complete complex cases, you'll expand what you're able to offer to your patients and decrease the amount of work that you need to outsource to a lab, which will massively decrease your lab fees. You'll utilise your equipment much more effectively.

  4.  Increase patient satisfaction: Patients genuinely love the short timeframes in which you are able to transform their smiles. Most people can't believe you're able to complete work so quickly and they love the fact that you hand-finished their teeth and craft bespoke smiles. They're astounded by the technology and can immediately see a difference because instead of waiting two months for their new teeth, it's just a couple of days.

Another reason that a lot of people are interested in this course is that you're assessed at vital points during the learning.


You'll undertake live patient training sessions so you can ensure you're absorbing the information and able to implement it in a safe and correct manner. 


RipeGlobal courses are digitally delivered and collaboration enhanced, which means you learn the skills in your own environment and can put them into practice straight away. You have a better chance of retaining the information on equipment that is familiar to you, so when it gets stressful, muscle memory takes over.


Doing a course like this would ordinarily cost you quite a lot for a 3-day course, PLUS time out of the clinic and then there are the travel expenses. If all you get out of this course is the confidence to plan and deliver one full mouth rehabilitation, then the course will pay for itself.


Key Benefits 

Students who complete this course will: 

  • Save time - less mistakes means you'll complete cases quicker, be more effective at planning and be able to provide patients with customised solutions to their problems.
  • Be a better, more efficient dentist - gain a complete understanding of a range of dental techniques and handle everything yourself instead of relying on a lab. 

  • Get it right, every time - once you’re confident using the machine, you’ll know the EXACT results you want each time and how to get them. 


Are you ready for the challenge?

Don't let your peers overtake you - The future is digital Dentistry

Course Outline


Anterior Makeover With CEREC

You’ll gain a thorough understanding of optics, algorithms, and digital science that underpins how optical scanners and CAD/CAM systems work.

  • Learn laboratory techniques for finishing restorations that take your work from average to amazing.
  • Master staining and glazing techniques that produce incredibly life-like aesthetics. 
  • Understand the restorative application of materials that can be manufactured in the office.
  • Learn the correct way to handle and treat materials manufactured in-office. 
  • Gain a thorough understanding of digital design strategies for creating beautiful smiles.

Posterior Quadrant Makeover

We will teach you the skills necessary to restore and rehabilitate the full arch.
The focus will be on multi-unit quadrant dentistry for cases where it is expected that most or all of the quadrant will be restored. You will learn:

  • How to implement efficient workflows to give you more predictable outcomes
  • Efficient protocols for design, preparation and scanning entire quadrants
  • Advanced hand-finishing techniques that provide perfect aesthetics where it really counts - in posterior teeth. 
  • Why most hand-finishing of posterior teeth is not that important. 
  • Designing posterior teeth that support beautiful anterior teeth to create an overall beautiful smile your patients will love. 

Tooth Replacement 

 You will gain an in-depth understanding of all the components that are required to replace teeth using CAD-CAM. This includes an exploration of the biology of the implant gingiva connection, controlling forces on dental implants, and the appropriate use of Ti bases. You will learn:

  • The use of multiple types of Ti base.
  • Types of materials available for implant crowns, their uses and limitations.
  • Scanning for custom abutments and full-arch restorations.
  • Where implants aren’t appropriate.
  • The biological and engineering components of designing and creating bridges in-office. 
  • Design and finishing hands-on exercises to create realistic bridges with beautiful pontics and a visual separation of teeth so as to avoid a teeth-all-joined-together look. 
  • Emergency tooth replacement using CAD-CAM. 
  • How to build personalised workflows for your practice. 

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