Fellowship in Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry with CEREC

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Just 4 hours a week

Improving your digital dentistry skills with RipeGlobal only takes 4 hours a week on average. 

What you’ll learn in this course:

CEREC Quadrant Dentistry

Learn how to confidently rebuild a quadrant of posterior teeth using CEREC software and mill. The focus is on efficiency and predictability so that you can tackle even the largest case in a sensible amount of time. Material selection, prep design and how to manage different types of situations are all covered in detail. 

Understand the biological principles of cereamic designing

Create effortless and predictable ceramics just like you would receive from the lab

Increase your confidence in managing multiple posterior ceramics

Efficiently manage any posterior case that sits in your chair

Aesthetic Dentistry with CEREC

Confidently create anterior ceramics that would rival any dental lab. Learn how to rebuild badly broken down anterior teeth with anatomically correct ceramics. You will design, hand finish and glaze multiple cases to teach you the attention to detail required to tackle anterior ceramic work. 

Create anatomically shaped ceramics with hand finishing techniques

Master shade matching and glazing techniques

Find your confidence in treatment planning and execution

Perfect patient smile design

Bridges and Implants with CEREC

Learn how to replace teeth using the same software and mill that you currently own. This module dives into the techniques required to make not only bridges, but also missed implant crowns in office.  As part of the course we will replace multiple teeth in various scenarios to better prepare you for treating your own patients. 

Create ideal emergence profiles

Biologically predictable implant crown designs

Understand ceramic design for bridges

Master techniques for preparing the soft and hard tissues for predictable results

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with CEREC

 Master the step-by-step processes required from consent, treatment, smile design, building temporaries, provisionals, mastering occlusion to design, milling and hand finishing techniques. This full-mouth rehabilitation module builds on all the parts learn previously to create predictable and aesthetically pleasing rehabilitations using the CEREC software and mill. 

Effectively communicate consent for full mouth

Manage treatment planning and complications

Identify the full mouth danger zones

Become confident with risks and legal obligations

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Revolutionary teaching methods

Most dentists suffer from stress and anxiety at some point of their career. That's because dental education does not provide enough repetition to build your muscle-memory.

That’s why Dr Lincoln Harris, our founder, and our educators are teaching dentists all over the world through new virtual techniques. The results are simply remarkable.

RipeGlobal education also costs about 70% less.

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Your World-Leading Educators

We’re here to help you master techniques,  confidence and help you love being a dentist. Meet your Fellowship in Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry with CEREC Educators.


Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Harris is a figurehead in the dental community and the CEO of RipeGlobal, all while maintaining a thriving private practice.


Dr Michael Frazis

Dr Frazis enjoys cosmetic work, digital dentistry, complex surgery and teaching dentists on how to manage nervous patients. 


Dr Karyn Halpern

Dr Halpern is the owner of a high-tech private dental practice located in NY, a Lecturer and an author of multiple scientific articles.


Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

Dr Kudelis is an internationally recognised dentist who specialises in rehabilitation and developed the Borders Technique.


Dr Alina Ruzanova

Dr Ruzanova specialises in aesthetic rehabilitation, deterioration and occlusion, with a thriving practice in stunning Tallinn, Estonia.


Dr Lane Ochi

Dr Ochi is a general dentist with an emphasis on physiologic and aesthetic reconstructive dentistry.


Dr Edward Mitoma

Dr Mitoma has been using digital dentistry in his clinic for years and was one of the first dentists in San Fransisco to be able to offer CEREC crowns to his patients.

hakan crop

Dr Hakan Colak

Dr Hakan's main interest areas are endodontics, direct restorations, cad/cam systems and adhesive ceramic restorations. 

Have a Question?

We’re a team of 50+ world-leading dentists and educators. No question is too big or too small, so if you don’t find an answer below please just contact us here.

What are the time commitments required?

We expect an average time commitment of approximately 4 hours per week, which can be roughly thought of as 1 “event” per week - whether that is a lecture, a Q&A session, a piece of theory work or a hands-on day

How do the hands-on days work exactly?

The hands-on days are designed to be highly intensive instructor-led practice sessions. You’ll be connected via a video platform with all of your fellow students and educators working on tasks and activities, offering 1 to 1 feedback as we go.

How many students are in the Fellowship?

While we don’t have a hard limit on the number of students who can enrol per se, we do work on ratios of no more than 1:16 educators to students when we are doing instructor-led practice, so no matter how many students we end up with when the Fellowship kicks off you can be sure that you are getting the proper amount of interaction and feedback when it matters.

Who are the Fellowship educators?

We have educators from all over the world contributing to this Fellowship, all master dentists in their own right, bringing a great diversity of knowledge and experience with them.

We have Dr Lincoln Harris and Dr Michael Frazis from Australia, Dr Lane Ochi,  Dr Karyn Halpern, Dr Hakan Colak and Dr Edward Mitoma from the USA, Dr Alina Ruzanova and Dr Mindaugas Kudelis from Europe, amongst others.

View the full list of educators and assistant educators here.

What kind of equipment do I need?

The hands-on components for the courses will all be run using a combination of both 3D printed models and typodont models. You will need to be located in your clinic so that you have access to your own standard equipment (including CEREC scanner, software, mill and furnace) to do the actual work.

The equipment costs are not covered in the tuition and will need to be arranged after enrolment - we have options available to purchase 3D models, typodont, blocks and consumables OR you may choose to supply your own. 

You’ll also need access to a DSLR clinical camera, as this will be crucial for presenting your work.

How does this work online?

The Fellowship in Digital Aesthetic and Rehabilitation Dentistry is a comprehensive cloud-based training program which is brought to you entirely in your own home and clinic - no travel necessary.

The course delivery consists of a series of lectures and Q&A sessions which are delivered live via video platform, but which are also recorded and can be watched and rewatched later at your own convenience.

We will also be enrolling you into our community chat space, called CELXP Collaboration, where you’ll be connected with your fellow students, educators and support staff in a 24/7 live-chat environment. You can use this space to ask questions and get advice and feedback at any time, not just for Fellowship work but also with anything you might be dealing with in your practice that you’d like a second opinion on. CELXP Collaboration is also used as a general social community space for you all to get to know each other outside of being purely Fellowship focused, as it’s a long program and you’ll be seeing a lot of the same faces!

We will also be giving you some theory work and reading to do, as well as asking you to complete quizzes and case presentations.

Finally, the linchpin that really brings it all together are the high-intensity instructor-led hands-on practice sessions in which all of the other learning will come together in that live practice environment.

What are the costs?

We have a few payment options available, either to pay in full upfront, split pay 50% now and again in 12 months, or a monthly payment plan over 24 months. 

We also offer discounts on the cost of tuition for RipeGlobal members - 5% for standard members and 15% for premium!


Download the full course pack for pricing and tuition costs.

Ready to improve your digital dentistry?

Join the online education platform with 50+ master educators and a community that's loved by over 85,000 dentists.