Fellowship Courses

Build your confidence, better your skills, or advance in a specific discipline.

What is a Fellowship?

Our Fellowships are 1 to 2-year curated programs designed to give you greater predictability, feel confident with your skillset and help you ensure safe outcomes for your patients. It's intense, involved and exhilarating... all from the safety of your clinic.



Build your confidence, better your skills, or advance in a specific discipline.
Ends June 27th, or until sold out.

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RipeGlobal - Clinic-1 - 69

Increase the speed & quality of crown preps, improve your case acceptance & grow to full mouth rehab.

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From Class 1 to Malocclusion, start more cases, optimize your chair time, and increase your production.

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Incorporate orthodontic principles such as anchorage & reciprocal forces into an aligner treatment plan to get predictable outcomes.

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Improve your implant placements, bone grafting, soft tissue augmentation, and more.

Simulation Training

Learning has never been like this...

RipeGlobal's Simulation Lab Kit (Sim Kit) was developed and manufactured to solve the need for students to attend a physical campus in order to develop their skills. RipeGlobal now ships these kits to students worldwide, creating the most accessible cloud-delivered hands-on dental learning globally and allowing any dentist to learn from anywhere.

Revolutionary teaching methods

Most dentists suffer from stress and anxiety at some point in their careers. That's because dental education does not provide enough repetition to build your muscle memory. You learn the theory in the course. But end up "practicing dentistry" when you get home.

RipeGlobal uses revolutionary cloud-based simulation training techniques to teach hands-on, right in your own clinic. Taught from your own chair and with your own tools, our. Our intense cloud hands-on classes are designed to be immediately transferable to practice, and to significantly enhance your technical skills, not just teach you practical theory.