Implantology Fundamentals Lecture Pack



We've taken world-class educators, developed lectures that are aimed at solving common core-level implant problems and bundled them into a lecture pack.


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Welcome to the Fundamentals of Implantology, the lecture pack designed to help you build a confident foundation in the core components of Implants.

Within this lecture pack you will learn the fundamentals of planning a single implant, understanding the emergence profile for implant crowns and the art and science of suturing.


Due to anxiety and lack of confidence, a lot of dentist’s stress over implant surgery - You have to make mistakes and learn from them, mistakes that aren't always acceptable in a dental practice.


It can also be extremely costly to get started and if you're aren’t experienced, you will have little to no idea if you'd even use the high-ticket courses that are available.


When you are looking for information and education on implants, there is an overload of information and resources that you have to work through - with very little guidance on what's actually vital to learn.

But now we have grouped everything you need to learn the basics of implantology, all in the one place.

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