Save Enamel - Aligners for Better Restorative Outcomes

with Dr Claudia Pinter

This Masterclass was shown live on December 5th - The replay is now available to watch for FREE by clicking the button below

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Many ways lead to Rome. The same is true for ways of achieving the perfect smile for our patients. If you lean towards minimally invasive procedures - this masterclass is for you.

You will learn:

  • How to plan and design a smile at the beginning of treatment
  • How to precisely align the teeth using aligners
  • How to deal with peg laterals
  • How to communicate with the technician from the aligner company to get precise results
  • How to position the teeth in the arch so you set them up for the most aesthetic restorative outcome
O-MC-221205-CP Pinter masterclass image 3

Meet your Masterclass host: Dr Claudia Pinter

She graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria and ever since dedicated herself to invisible orthodontics with clear aligners. She is internationally sought after as a speaker and is appreciated for her ability to break down complex information into easy principles that are applicable in everyday practice. 


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