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Dr Pedro Rodrigues

All on X Treatment Concept

All On X is a treatment concept that allows you to fully replace someone’s smile in 3-4 hours, using several dental implants instead of creating one for each tooth. 

Dr Lane Ochi

Colour Theory and Shade Matching in Dentistry

Colour Theory is a language that conceptually and perceptually describes the elements of colour and how they interact.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Deep Margins Master Class

How to restore them without stress or a blood bath

Dr Lincoln Harris

Effective Communication

Dr Harris will talk about different ways to talk to your patient about money and cost without scaring them away and how to perfect your informed consent. By perfecting your informed consent process you’ll be able to increase your case acceptance.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Free masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris

'First Contact' masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Vishal Gupta

How To Get Seamless Margins In Anterior Composites

Dr Vishal Gupta will share his skills and the aesthetic considerations involved in restoring anterior teeth with composites.

Dr Karyn Halpern

Mastering Dental Photography

Are you confused by digital dental photography and don't know where to begin? Do you lack the confidence and skill to produce high quality images? Check out our Masterclass with Dr Karyn Halpern.

Dr Michael Frazis

Non-Implant Treatment Planning

Look at what other options are available before implants, and the cases when they can be used.