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Dr Alina Ruzanova

The Basics of Analog and Digital Smile Design Planning Masterclass

This foundational Masterclass will help get you comfortable with the basics of both analog and digital smile design so you can move forward with exciting, aesthetic dentistry.

Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

The Borders Technique with Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

Aesthetics is one of the biggest driving forces in the way dentistry is evolving. Dr Mindugaus Kudelis proposes that if we are moving toward nicer looking dentistry, we might as well do better dentistry. 


Dr Pedro Rodrigues

All on X Treatment Concept

All On X is a treatment concept that allows you to fully replace someone’s smile in 3-4 hours, using several dental implants instead of creating one for each tooth. 

Dr Lincoln Harris

Treatment Planning for Complex & Simple Cases

Simple method for building in more time for complex case planning and consultation

Dr Lincoln Harris

Save Or Sacrifice: Badly Broken Teeth

Join Dr Lincoln Harris as he discusses the some of the considerations that need to be made and the strategies to employ when treating patients with badly broken teeth

Dr Michael Frazis

Line Angles

In this short video Dr Michael Frazis will show you how to draw line angles on a central incisor as well as some tips and tricks that he uses to get the best result for quickly shaping teeth.

Dr Michael Frazis

How To: Floss Ties

In this short How To video, Dr Michael Frazis will show you his preferred technique for tying and placing floss-ties.

Dr Agne Malisauskiene

Post-Orthodontic Direct Anterior Composite Bonding Masterclass

Advancements in aligner technology and their rising popularity has resulted in the need for better post-orthodontic care to really transform smiles.

Dr Michael Frazis

Going Slow to Go Fast

Most dentists want to speed up their appointments to improve their bottom line.

Dr Michael Frazis

Digital Dentistry Masterclass

Join Dr Michael Frazis for his Masterclass on Digital Dentistry - Creating Predictability and Success with Simple Treatment Planning Protocols.