At RipeGlobal we know that you want to be more confident, more skilled, have greater acceptance of treatment plans, and to find the balance between dentistry excellence and the pursuit of income.  

We believe Dentistry is full of complexity, in even the simplest of procedures, it requires comprehensive ongoing learning, and just because it has always been done that way doesn't mean it is the right way.

The stakes are too high to put learning on hold while we wait for this pandemic to end.

The RipeGlobal Virtual Hands-On Learning Journey

  • Apply for a Fellowship of Implantology position 
  • Connect with inspiring world-class education mentors to guide your dental journey and challenge you with High-Intensity Repetitive Training 
  • Participate in an experiential learning program with a logical sequence of learning pathways for profound growth with like-minded dental professionals 
  • Enjoy the impact you can make every day, to your career and your patients

And in the meantime, discover our courses and join the community today to make an impact on patients and your career.

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RipeGlobal is innovating the learning approach and teaching method delivering better outcomes for the new virtual learning world.

With 432 satisfied graduates in the Restorative Continuum program, we know our education is great, but now we have made it even better.

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Dr Stefanie Hirt - Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry student