Fellowship in Modern Implantology


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This revolutionary implant course is designed to overcome recurring problems that have persisted through multiple generations of implant specialists.

In the past implant courses focused on the placement of the implant in the early stages, rather than on the site development and grafting. This caused many generations of implantologists to place implants in places where the tissue was too thin because they were anxious or lacked the confidence to do bone and soft tissue augmentation.

The Fellowship in Modern Implantology teaches dentists hard and soft tissue grafting prior to teaching the placement of implants so that they are never tempted to avoid grafting where necessary. 

Why study the Fellowship in Modern Implantology?


The Fellowship in Modern Implantology is designed to achieve 3 specific goals:

1. The patients of our students are safe.

2. The student is confident and competent and is in possession of sufficient skill to carry out implantology with excellence - even under stressful situations.

3. Students gain sufficient hands-on and live patient training in their region without requiring to travel intercontinentally.

What will you learn?underline-RG-implantology-200x10

  • Learn how to determine which sites are appropriate for implant dentistry and how best to treat them.

  • Recognize the clinical and radiographic factors that play a role in treatment planning for dental implants.

  • Know how to surgically extract a tooth and prepare the socket for the most appropriate treatment.

  • Understand the basic tenets of surgical implant placement protocols.

  • Recognize the benefits and understand the concepts of soft and hard tissue grafting as it relates to implant dentistry.
  • Learn how to harvest soft tissue from the palate and do both free gingival and connective tissue grafts.

  • Recognize the benefits of and understand the concepts of sinus augmentation as it relates to implant dentistry.

  • Learn how to perform sinus augmentations (both vertical technique and lateral window.

  • Understand the implant restorative process from start to finish, for both single sites as well as full arch concepts.

  • Learn how to restore implants, from single sites to multiple adjacent fixtures to full arch.

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