Fast Natural Posterior Fillings

with Dr ​Mindaugas Kudelis

Lectures + Virtual Hands-On Exercises

How do you make posterior fillings look natural?
Are you frustrated by the time and complexity it takes to achieve the results you want?

Old-generation silver amalgam seals were once the first choice for restoring dental defects. Tough, durable, not very nice… But who cared about tooth aesthetics before?

In spite of its beauty, if the tooth was restored with quality, old silver amalgam fillings can sometimes outperform even modern fillings in their durability. However, in everyday practice, the effects of the improper use of these generations of seals are becoming increasingly apparent.

In addition to the poor aesthetics, these materials have another downside - if a silver amalgam seal is used beyond the indications, there is a risk of tooth decay. It is for this reason that we recommend replacing bulky old amalgam seals with modern ones for our patients.

Replacing an old, ugly, problematic silver amalgam seal with an aesthetic next-generation sealant that restores tooth naturalness and functionality can be achieved when doing a posterior filling simply and efficiently in a busy clinic.

This unique step-by-step course works to develop the necessary skills for you to refine how you do posterior fillings as well as showing you how to reduce the time spent on the procedure without compromising quality or aesthetics. Practice Mindaugas's Borders Technique on virtual models that simplifies the approach to posterior fillings, while still creating detailed, natural looking results.

What is included:
  • 12 months access to the video recordings and presenters resources
  • 6.5 Hours of CPD, claimable CE hours worldwide (after online assessment)
  • 10 Lectures (4.5hrs) + 8 Hands-On Exercises (2hrs)
  • One (1) set of two 3D printed reference models (posted to you)
  • Two (2) sets of A1 shade 3D printed practice models (posted to you)

The Benefits:
  • Eliminate the cost of travel and time out of clinic
  • Study key sessions and watch multiple times
  • Practice on specialised models in your time
  • A very low cost investment towards your career development 

Join Dr Mindaugas virtually as you learn to create natural looking posterior fillings easily and quickly!

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Two Dentists Give Raving Reviews

Hear from Dr Rohit Charurvedi and Dr Lisa Liu on their experience going through the Virtual Hands-on course and how it has helped them make better fillings faster.

Aspire to do Great Dentistry and Feel Confident 
Dr Mindaugas Kudelis covers:
  • Basic foundations and how they related to easier workflow and better outcomes. Photography, isolation, basic morphology knowledge
  • Documentation - Learn how photography can improve your work. And a few tips on how to start taking pictures of your work.

  • Why rubber dam isolation is important? It is not only required for adhesive materials, but also improves access to the working field, giving a chance to do the best work possible.
  • The basic workflow to isolate a quadrant.
  • Basic tools needed to cover most of isolation needs.
    Molar and premolar occlusal surface morphology. Primary and secondary anatomy.

Borders technique:
  • Understanding how to break the complex morphology into smaller pieces to make composite stratification simple.
  • Finding simple reference points to guide your cusp borders.
    Understanding and choosing the right sequence for your cusp buildup and how it can help restoring natural occlusal morphology.

Composite handling reviewed:
  • Tools needed for convenient work, handling of composite increments to achieve the structures desired.
  • Shaping primary and secondary anatomy outlines. Shaping the ridges of central lobes. Using a modelling brush to make an organic, natural looking fissures between the morphology elements.
  • Removing excess where needed to reduce occlusal corrections after the restoration is made.
    Basic idea of layering. What composite shades to use in the direct posterior restorations.
  • Fissure staining, to mimic natural staining and give depth for the restoration.
    Finishing and polishing.

Case discussions:
  • Real cases of real patients, showing how the concepts in the lecture are implemented in a daily practice.

Hands on:
  • Participant will be able to follow the recording on the same 3d printed models to improve their composite handling and morphology skills.
  • Videos will cover how to make a simple primary anatomy for upper and lower second molars and premolars. Complex secondary anatomy build up techniques for both upper and lower first molars.
    Stain application.
  • Participants will get a set of reference models (created by Janos Mako), and two sets of A1 shade practice models to follow hands on videos, and practice the exercises for a few times.


Peer Review by Dr Jaz Gulati

Peer reviews are the most honest and objective forms of feedback. This review from Dr Jaz talks about his own experience with the virtual hands-on course by Dr Mindaguas.

Join Dr Mindaugas virtually as you learn to create natural looking posterior fillings easily and quickly!

Purchase Now USD $360 +tax


Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

General Dentist
Lithuania 🇱🇹

Dr Mindaugas Kudelis, an internationally recognised dentist and lecturer who specialises in rehabilitation.

He developed the Borders Technique which creates natural-looking restorations to the posterior teeth in a matter of minutes. Dr Kudelis has worked extensively in both public and private sectors.