Warranty & Shipping




To be read in conjunction with RipeGlobal published Terms of Use “here

  1. RipeGlobal is committed to ensuring goods purchased before the advertised cutoff date, are dispatched and delivered to you, where reasonably possible, before the Paid Content start date. 
  2. Subject to the choice of the carrier determined by RipeGlobal and your shipping location, delivery is expected between 10-21 working days from the date of dispatch. Please contact us to confirm your expected delivery date.
  3. If the delivery address entered at the time you purchase contains errors, it may cause a delay in delivery and incur additional freight costs that will be required to be paid by you.
  4. Goods ship worldwide, however due to significant shipping interruptions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be restrictions or delays. If RipeGlobal believes that your purchased goods will be delayed you will be advised as soon as possible.
  5. The address for where you wish your goods to be delivered is provided by you at time of purchase. You must be at the delivery address to accept delivery, which is normally between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday-Friday, and subject to the carrier’s T&C.
  6. RipeGlobal does not accept responsibility for loss or damage if you instruct the delivery company to leave these goods unattended.
  7. Responsibility for the disposal of packing materials that accompanies your purchased goods belongs to the individual who has purchased these goods.
  8. After two failed delivery attempts to deliver these goods to the location you have provided when you placed your order (or if you are not at the delivery address at the time you have agreed to receive the goods) the goods you have purchased may be returned to RipeGlobal. RipeGlobal reserves the right to charge you an additional re-delivery charge.
  9. If you alter the delivery address once the goods have been ordered by you and dispatched from our warehouse, RipeGlobal reserves the right to pass on any extra freight charges that have been incurred due to the redirection of your delivery.
  10. It is incumbent on the purchaser to inspect the condition of the goods immediately upon receiving them. Any items deemed missing or damaged needs to be communicated to us in writing within 48 hours of receipt of the goods by the postal carrier.  
  11. If you believe that the goods have been lost by the postal carrier, please confirm this with the shipping company using your tracking number, and contact us immediately.
  12. Please provide details of any special delivery requirements or conditions that carriers need to observe when you place your order.
  13. Sometimes, for reasons beyond our control the carrier may be prevented from delivering your goods as planned. Reasons for a carrier to not be able to deliver your goods at the time they have notified include but is not limited to accidents, breakdowns, fire, flood, storm, severe weather, acts of god, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage or government directions relating to Covid-19 pandemic. An unexpected default with our suppliers may also cause delays in the timely delivery of your goods, and this will be communicated with you as soon as RipeGlobal has been notified. RipeGlobal will make every effort to ensure that you receive your ordered goods in a timely manner and is not responsible for delays or failures that are beyond their control.
  14. Loss or damage or Products during shipping or delivery is at the Purchaser's risk. If you require shipping insurance, please make contact with RipeGlobal.


Warranty & Repairs

To be read in conjunction with RipeGlobal published Terms of Use “here

RipeGlobal warrants to the initial purchaser (“Purchaser”) that each new Warranted Product, will be free from Defects, during the Warranty Period, as defined below.


  1. Warranted Product is defined as:
  1. Mannequin Head
  1. All metal components including the stainless steel 304 medical grade, engineering grade aluminium HE-40, and brass.
  2. Plastic and rubber parts are considered consumables including the teeth, gums, tongue, fletcher mask, skull head and are not covered under warranty.
  1. Electric Dental Motor
  1. Electrical motor, handpieces, attachments and components
  2. High and low speed handpieces require regular cleaning, lubrication and purge requirements as per instructions provided. Warranty will be void if maintenance procedures is not followed
  1. WebCam
  1. Webcam camera and mount distributed by RipeGlobal are warranted as per the manufacturer’s suggested international warranty policy. Please check the warranty details on the manufacturers website.
  1. Typodont Teeth and Model are excluded from limited warranty and cannot be exchanged or returned.
  2. Defect is defined as: defects in workmanship or materials appearing and reported to RipeGlobal prior to the expiration of the “Warranty Period”.
  3. RipeGlobal’s only obligation under this limited warranty is limited to replacement of any Warranted Product components (or full replacement if required) that RipeGlobal reasonably determines to be covered by this limited warranty. Replacement of any Product components (or full replacement if required) under this limited warranty does not extend the Warranty Period. The Warranty period is 1 year from the date of purchase.
  4. If, on the basis of the written information and digital photographs provided by the Purchaser, RipeGlobal reasonably believes that the Warranted Product is covered by this limited warranty, RipeGlobal will send replacement parts or at its sole discretion authorise the Purchaser to return the Warranted Product to RipeGlobal. All shipping is at the cost of the Purchaser. 
  5. To request warranty assistance, Purchasers should contact, RipeGlobal Services at:
  1. Email:       
  2. Phone
  1. Australia                +61 1300 436 033
  2. USA                        +1 517 888 7473
  3. UK                        +44 7402 127473
  4. NZ                        +64 800 493 630
  5. Canada                +1 226 407 7473
  6. Europe                +372 602 6780                
  1. If the Warranted Product is to be repaired rather than replaced, RipeGlobal will provide the parts to the Purchaser. The fitment of parts including and labour is at the Purchaser’s own own cost. 
  2. RipeGlobal shall determine whether to replace the warranted Products and parts covered by this limited warranty and all Warranted Products or parts replaced shall become the property of RipeGlobal.
  3. In the course of warranty service, RipeGlobal may, but shall not be required to, make engineering improvements to the Warranted Product or part thereof.
  4. This limited warranty covers troubleshooting and replacement parts (or full replacement if required) for Products used for education (non commercial) purposes only and excludes damage, consumables or general wear and tear.  If it is found the equipment has been used in an unreasonable way, the warranty is void. Repairs are not covered by the warranty.
  5. If a replacement part to any pieces we have sent you - excluding the typodont teeth - are no longer available RipeGlobal will provide an alternative that is similar to the part which requires replacing.