Injection Molding and Matrixing Strategies for Direct Anterior Composite

with Dr. Arthur Volker


Join us for an in-depth look at injection molding and matrixing strategies for direct anterior composite restorations. Learn about the different matrix options available, including metal and plastic, as well as sectional and “full-contour” matrices.


By the end of the webinar, you will learn:

  • Aesthetic Determinants: Understand key aspects influencing the aesthetics of anterior composites.
  • Matrix Selection: Explore composite options and criteria for choosing the right matrix.
  • Preparation Protocols: Learn protocols for isolation and particle abrasion for various restorations.
  • Injection Molding Protocol: Master the steps for direct composite injection molding.

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Featured Presenter

Dr. Arthur Volker

Dr. Arthur Volker is an internationally recognised speaker and dentist within the dental community. Dr Arthur Volker has globally published lectures and articles on topics of cosmetic dentistry, minimally invasive dentistry, and dental implants.

Dr Volker is an administrator for RipeGlobal. Between lecturing and presenting at events, he maintains a thriving practice in SunnyBrook, The United States.