Our Story

Founded in 2020 by brothers Cam and Dr. Lincoln Harris, RipeGlobal has become the world’s best cloud-based learning platform, providing dentists with continuous support throughout all stages of their careers.  

Our cloud-based learning platform and simulation technology (SimTech) continuously connects a community of students worldwide and enables them to implement advanced skills into daily practice, building deep procedural confidence on a global scale. 

The benefits of our unique cloud-based approach also have a profound impact on work-life balance. No travel means more family time, less environmental impact, and significantly reduced learning costs.

Operating from Queensland, Australia, with a global network of educators and students, our current database of learning professionals exceeds 63,000 and is growing daily.  

RipeGlobal helps dentists build a career they are passionate about, where they have the skills to do dentistry that patients sincerely appreciate, feel professionally satisfied and rewarded, and where they can develop the environment and the mindset that allows them to achieve their goals in less time.  


Cam & Lincoln Harris: The Duo Behind RipeGlobal's Success

When he began teaching advanced dental techniques in 2006, Dr Lincoln was dismayed at the number of promising dentists who could not take the time or access the resources needed to travel to traditional campus or conference-based courses.

But it wasn’t until 2020, when the global COVID-19 Pandemic stopped most interactive activity in its tracks, that the solution became clear. When that moment came, Dr Lincoln knew he had a short time to build a uniquely compelling, robust technology platform to deliver global education and support to professionals.  

He joined forces with his brother Cam, a leading specialist in digital transformation with a 20-year track record advising large public, private and educational institutions seeking to shift into collaborative and immersive learning. Together they realized that the power of a system built on cloud-based learning and simulation technology, could bring the best dental learning right into the homes and surgeries of dentists anywhere without costly and time-consuming travel. 


Empowering Confident, Capable and Successful Dentists

Additionally, this same technology enables building a global community of like-minded talent to support and nurture one another as they take this exciting and transformative journey together.

It was a moment that would change professional learning forever.

Students from different countries supported each other and became a tight-knit group of colleagues and friends. In those few short months in the early days of the pandemic, RipeGlobal turned forced isolation and a new reliance on digital connectivity into an ever-expanding global community using the latest cloud-based technology to achieve the highest standards in professional education. 

RipeGlobal instantly made education accessible to every dentist, and the early results exceeded all expectations. Our cloud-based platform and simulation technology provided intensely visual feedback, making learning much more effective than in-person classes.

All RipeGlobal courses operate through our cloud-based digital platform and simulation technology. Collaboration between students, camaraderie, friendship, support, and lively discussion enhance each learner’s experience.

Courses include multiple community chat spaces that facilitate continuous feedback channels between educators and students. Friendships that form during RipeGlobal learning are often top of the list of positive qualities that students use to describe their course experience. 

RipeGlobal’s two-year courses incorporate a minimum of 20 per cent hands-on training. To accommodate this, we developed our proprietary Hands-On Simulation Kits consisting of a fully integrated mannequin that simulates the difficult ergonomics of an actual patient, even if you are joining the course from your kitchen.

Today, our secure database has more than 63,000 students, and we have Fellowship Restorative Dentistry students in 15 countries doing a two-year continuum.  

A dentist’s real education begins the day they leave dental school to face the harsh realities of an ever-evolving skill set, ever-advancing technology, and the ever-increasing demands of growing a successful practice.

RipeGlobal fast tracks careers in dentistry with the world's best cloud-based learning platform and simulation technology, giving dental professionals everything they need to succeed from anywhere on earth.

Learn more about our unique approach to advanced dental education. 


Written by RipeGlobal