Achieve Lab-Quality results with your CEREC equipment.

Improve your CEREC results overnight - learn from world-leading dentists in this revolutionary new online and fully hands-on Bootcamp taking place on the 20th of November 2021. (Australian Dentists only)



Digital dentistry, with equipment like CEREC, is changing the way dentists and clinics all over the world operate. It is remarkable technology - if you can get the results you want.

This Bootcamp is designed to help you:

1. Optimise your clinic's output and profits:
A practice owner invests in CEREC software and a mill to optimise their clinic's capabilities, yet after months - sometimes years - the team is still not 100% confident with the equipment, or happy with the results when compared to a lab. You may even be less profitable than using an external lab.

2. Go from single tooth to multi, and even full-mouth:
With our simple "step-by-step" Anterior Digital Dentistry Bootcamp, we're on a mission to help clinics with CEREC software & mills get faster, superior results - single and multi-tooth milling to full anterior makeovers.

3. Get repeatable, lab-quality results:
This hands-on Bootcamp is live online, so you learn on your own CEREC equipment. Being cloud-based and online, it also saves you costs and carbon - making this Bootcamp far more efficient than most.

Please Note: We're strictly limited to 16 seats per Bootcamp - please reserve your spot today if interested.

Takes place on the 20th of November. of November 2021.

* Includes 20 CPD/CE points with certificate.


Practical hands-on training with dentists, not sales reps.

This Bootcamp (and pre-learning materials) covers common problems that dentists with CEREC software and mills face every day in their working lives. Salespeople and training personnel are great, but they often don't understand the issues we face.

You'll learn tips, tricks and skills that you will be able to immediately implement into your clinic - the very next day.


Live training with world-leading digital dentists.

This Bootcamp is a live full-day training created by Australian digital dentists who have invested in CEREC software & mills - and then spent hundreds of hours learning how to get superior results and patient satisfaction - time-after-time.

With cloud-based online learning, you can also save costs and carbon with no travel, hotels or need to be away from your clinic. 

Who should attend?

Practice Owners

Digital dentistry is a phenomenal way to increase clinic profits and efficiency while easing the workload on your employees.

Dental Technicians

If you are working hands-on with your clinic's digital equipment, this Bootcamp will help you gain confidence and results.

CEREC Enthusiasts

Like to dive deeper into your CEREC equipment? You'll love this Anterior Digital Dentistry Bootcamp. It's also a forum for open discussion, as we're dentists too.

Travel Restricted Dentists

If you've family commitments or covid travel restrictions, this Bootcamp teaches as much (maybe more) than in person, all from your own home or clinic.

Students & Graduates

This Bootcamps is an excellent way to understand the world of digital.  Please note, you will need access to CEREC software and mill for this Bootcamp.


Meet your Bootcamp lecturers.

Learn from world-leading, practising digital dentists.


Dr Lincoln Harris

Teaching the pre-recorded digital photography lecture in the Bootcamp, Dr Lincoln Harris is a figurehead in the global dental community, revered for his vast clinical and business knowledge.

He is an in-demand teacher who has presented at international and domestic events for more than two decades.


Dr Karyn Halpern

Pushing further into our anterior digital pre-recorded lectures, Dr Halpern is the owner of Port Jefferson Smiles, a high-tech private dental practice in New York.

She is a lecturer, thought leader and journalist who's been featured in multiple dentistry publications.


Dr Alina Ruzanova

Covering tooth shape in the pre-recorded lecture, Dr Alina Ruzanova specialises in aesthetic and functional rehabilitation for deterioration, dental occlusion, and molar replacement.

Dr Ruzanova runs a thriving practice in the stunning Tallinn, Estonia.

Your Bootcamp Educator

Dr Michael Frazis


Dr Frazis is deeply interested in cosmetic dentistry, digital dentistry, complex surgery and managing nervous patients. Dr Frazis is a sought-after contributor in the online dental community and enjoys teaching dentists of all ages, through cutting-edge cloud-based techniques.

Please note: the Bootcamp live day will be held on Saturday the 20th November 2021 and it is for Australian Dentists only. If you would like to attend a future BootCamp when we open up to other countries or you can not make this date, please register your interest here >


Join To Learn:

In-depth Anterior Digital

3D CEREC scans, printing and milling for ceramic inlays, crowns and more - become faster and enhance your clinic capabilities.

Practical Hands-on Skills

You'll learn tips, tricks and skills that you will be able to immediately implement into your clinic - the very next day.

20 x CE points

Quickly cover your CE requirements for the year with this Bootcamp. Includes full CPD/CE certificate.

From Practising Dentists

As practising dentists, we see digital dentistry a little differently. Digital is a tool - and it needs to perform for us, and our patients.

On Your Own Equipment

While we use our own CEREC software and mill for training, you will be learning on your own CEREC equipment. The results are far superior.


Your Inclusive Anterior
Digital Bootcamp.

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Please note: the Bootcamp live day will be held on Saturday the 20th November 2021 and it is for Australian Dentists only. If you would like to attend a future BootCamp when we open up to other countries or you can not make this date, please register your interest here.


AUD $2,750
ex. GST
  • Increase your confidence & Anterior Digital results
  • Significantly speed up your processes and revenue
  • Learn from practicing dentists, not sales reps
  • Up to 70% less costs and 99% less carbon
  • Learn in your clinic, on your equipment

Premium Member

AUD $2,338
ex. GST
  • All the benefits of this Bootcamp
  • + Premium access to our content library
  • + Live masterclasses and replay access
  • + 4 x Dentistry Fundamentals valued at $1075


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for this Bootcamp?
CEREC compliant software and hardware required:

- In-labs design software (RipeGlobal can provide)
- High quality optical scanner
- Access to a Prime Mill or MC XL Mill
- Access to a Ceramic Furnace (any brand) 
When is the Bootcamp taking place?
Following pre-learning materials, the Anterior Digital Bootcamp will be held on Saturday the 20 November 2021.
Is RipeGlobal accredited?
Yes. RipeGlobal is an approved PACE Academy of General Dentistry provider for Continuing Education.
What if I can't make the 20th November?
If you can not attend our live Bootcamp day, please just register your interest further below for our next Anterior Digital Dentistry Bootcamp.
Can I chat with you about this Bootcamp?
Absolutely, we have a dedicated team who support our dental educators. Please just contact us on:

Phone Australia +614 8885 7473
Phone USA +1 517 888 7473
Phone UK +44 7402 127473
Phone NZ +64 800 493 630
Phone Canada +1 226 407 7473
Phone Europe +372 602 6780
Or send us a message here:

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