Why Dental Monitoring in Clear Aligner Practice is a Must

Hosted by Dr. Dany Robert


Do you know the advantages of Dental Monitoring technology in daily practice? Dr. Dany does.


Join our latest webinar on Aligner Orthodontics and find out how to get the most out of dental monitoring, how it can be profitable, and how to use it as leverage to boost your experience with aligners.


AND find out how Dr. Dany uses Dental Monitoring to relieve his schedule by almost 50%.

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Dr. Dany Robert


Dr Dany Robert is a General Dentist and has been practicing orthodontics since 2004. He is a professor/instructor at International dental Institute in Montreal, Quebec with a background in temporomandibular joint disorder treatment, sleep apnea, implantology. 


"I’ve been using Dental Monitoring for the past 3 years already. My schedule is relieved by almost 50%. Just last month, I’ve seen 2 patients I hadn’t seen for 9 and 11 months physically…but still follows them once a week."

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