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The Restorative Virtual Dental Residency is designed to improve your confidence so you can upskill your restorative clinical dentistry, increase your hourly production, and start a greater percentage of higher-value treatment plans.*

Over 24 months, participants will complete 8 comprehensive hands-on programs, from quality crown preparation in 20 minutes to full mouth rehabilitation.

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This virtual dental residency is the first course available globally, that combines comprehensive theory, with world-leading intensive simulation hands-on training, and extensive live patient training so that when you graduate, you are competent, and your patients are safe.

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Our Learning Approach


Our mentors will help you enhance your skills in restorative dentistry, gain confidence in managing complex cases, and quickly achieve greater per-hour production. During the program, you will complete 8 hands-on modules to refine your technique and participate in self-paced and lecture-based learning on various aspects of restorative dentistry.

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* Following the successful completion of all programs in a discipline, dentists can anticipate the above increases. These indicative values are from median results based on previous RipeGlobal Fellowship graduates. Your results will vary depending on your commitment to the programs.

** RipeGlobal stands behind this promise and will offer a refund of tuition (excluding enrollment fees, equipment rental, consumables, shipping costs and transaction fees) for any program where we do not meet our promise. A refund is only considered when the learner has completed all work, without exception, and any additional extension work or practice asked of them by us.

*** Refer here for program commitment and completion requirements that are to be upheld to claim on our promise.