Learn full-mouth Restorative Excellence, in 4 hours a week

RipeGlobal is transforming dentist’s lives. Learn predictable full-mouth restorative dentistry with online hands-on training, from some of the best dentists in the world.


Master Restorative Dentistry, Online

Welcome to the revolutionary online dental training platform with 50+ world-class educators who help you create predictable full mouth restorative skills and confidence - so that even on the biggest days, you can love your work.


Learn for 70% less

Flying to a facility, hotels and time away from your family, hobbies and clinic is expensive. RipeGlobal uses revolutionary online training techniques, and it costs a lot less.


Expert educators

Our educators are some of the best in the world - who have now shifted to virtual online training as it is simpler, safer and the results are even more remarkable.

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Just 4 hours a week

Improving your restorative skills with RipeGlobal only takes4 hours a week on average. Some weeks are more intensive, but we aim to make up-skilling 100% attainable.

What you’ll learn
in this course:

Posterior Quadrant

The Posterior module includes interactive, hands-on learning, practice, and examination. The course is designed to help you:

Perfect photographic and master treatment planning

Achieve successful outcomes in deep margin

Find your confidence in treatment planning

Master occlusion in quadrant dentistry

Anterior Dentistry

The Anterior module includes interactive, hands-on learning, practice, and examination. The course is designed to help you:

Build the perfect teeth shape for patients

Master local anaesthetic, isolation and preparation

Perfect your matrixing and injection moulding

Create surface texturing and staining margins

Veneers and Aesthetics

The Veneers and Aesthetics module includes interactive, hands-on learning, practice, and examination. The course is designed to help you:

Master the art of layered composite veneers

Perfect patient smile design, stents and mock-ups

Understand ceramics for veneers and preps design

Master tissue techniques for scans and impressions

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The Full Mouth Rehabilitation module includes interactive, hands-on learning, practice, and examination. The course is designed to help you:

Effective patient communications for full mouth

Efficient treatment planning and red flags

Identify the full mouth danger zones

Become confident with risks and legal obligations

Ready to learn restorative excellence?

Join the online education platform with 50+ master educators and a community that's loved by over 85,000 dentists.


Revolutionary teaching methods

Most dentists suffer from stress and anxiety at some point of their career. That's because dental education does not provide enough repetition to build your muscle-memory.

That’s why Dr Lincoln Harris, our founder, and our educators are teaching dentists all over the world through new virtual techniques. The results are simply remarkable.

RipeGlobal education also costs about 70% less.


Trusted by students around the world

The Fellowship in Restorative Dentistry is a fantastic way to reignite your passion for dentistry and connect with like-minded peers from around the world. 

Our famous community chat spaces are incredibly supportive and allow you to seek feedback, advice and support from educators and dentists around the world. 

Download the full course pack with pricing and curriculum.

Learning with RipeGlobal is not only easy and affordable, it’s more effective as you can practice procedures repeatedly. Let us show you how.

Your World-Leading Educators

We’re here to help you master your techniques, your confidence and help you to love being a dentist. Meet your Restorative Excellence Educators.


Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Lincoln is a figurehead in the dental community and the CEO of RipeGlobal, all while maintaining a thriving private practice.


Dr Michael Melkers

Dr Michael Melkers is an internationally acclaimed speaker and Master of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD).


Dr Mindaugas Kudelis

Dr Mindaugas is an internationally recognised dentist who specialises in rehabilitation and developed the Borders Technique.


Dr Agne Malisauskiene

Dr Agne teaches and practices aesthetic dentistry with the main focus on direct aesthetic anterior restorations.


Dr Lane Ochi

Dr Lane is a general dentist with an emphasis on physiologic and aesthetic reconstructive dentistry.


Dr Alina Ruzanova

Dr Alina specialises in aesthetic rehabilitation, deterioration and occlusion, with a thriving practice in stunning Tallinn, Estonia.


Dr Karyn Halpern

Dr Karyn is the owner of a high-tech private dental practice located in NY, a Lecturer and an author of multiple scientific articles.


Dr Vishal Gupta

Dr Vishal is an internationally acclaimed teacher in aesthetic dentistry with special emphasis on direct composite restorations.


Dr Michael Frazis

Dr Frazis enjoys cosmetic work, digital dentistry, complex surgery and teaching dentists on how to manage nervous patients.


Dr Priti Lamba

Dr Priti is knowledgeable about smile designing with ceramic veneers keeps herself updated with the latest advances in dentistry. 


Dr Rhea Allsopp

Dr Rhea has a degree in medical science and enjoys using advanced dentistry technology to provide optimal outcomes for her patients. 


Dr Johan Hagman

Dr Johan specialises in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, implantology and occlusion. He believes that everyone should have access to dental care. 

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