Think Like Plastic: Aligner Biomechanics & Troubleshooting

with Dr. Gözde Cobanoglu 


Learn the winning combination to predictable aligner treatments with Dr. Gözde. Find out how to combine basic orthodontic knowledge and aligner biomechanics to get amazing results. Dr. Gözde will teach you how to troubleshoot with her personal case examples.

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Dr. Gözde’s latest webinar will teach you how to:

  • Combine basic orthodontic knowledge and aligner biomechanics
  • Troubleshoot common issues encountered
  • Deliver a stunning smile with just plastic

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Featured Presenter

Dr. Gözde Cobanoglu

Dr. Gözde Çobanoğlu aims to treat oral and dental diseases with her extensive multidisciplinary knowledge, skills in preventative dentistry and the latest technology.

Her motivation to provide the best services in dentistry lies in seeing her patients' satisfaction.

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