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New graduates can be a great asset to your clinic, but it can take time for their value to show. That is why we have developed the Graduate Fast Track Program so you can set your newly graduated associates up for success from day one and have them bring value to your clinic sooner. 


What's included?


Our Graduate Fast Track Program is a 4-month program comprised of 6 modules, 2 group mentoring sessions, and 12 months of access to our on-demand dental learning platform (including CPD/CE content). Learn more about these below.


24/7 Platform Access

12 Months Free

Your newly graduated associate will be able to gain insights from industry leaders on a variety of disciplines and complete valuable learning while earning CPD/CE points from anywhere in the world.

Treatment Planning Mentoring Sessions

2 Group Sessions per month over 4 months

We provide the opportunity for your associate to share their cases in live group discussions with an RG mentor, where they can get advice on how to plan more complex and difficult cases.

Program Outline


This Graduate Fast Track Program will equip your associate with the knowledge and confidence to launch their dental career.

Mapping Out Their Clinical Career

Delivery: Virtual Masterclass
Duration: 1 hour
CPD: 1

We will help you set them up with a fast track program, led by RipeGlobal Educators, providing you and your associate with a clear roadmap for their first months in a clinic from the minute they graduate.

Top 5 Secrets Using Item Codes Effectively To Help Patients

Delivery: Virtual Masterclass
Duration: 1 hour
CPD: 1

Patients potentially receive fewer insurance rebates if codes are incorrectly used. Our Top 5 Tips ensure your new associate gets better billing, happier patients, and reduced risks. We run through various scenarios they are likely to face in your clinic daily, from knowing what items to charge for and when they are appropriate.

Personal Protective Equipment & Sterilization

Delivery: Virtual Masterclass
Duration: 1 hour
CPD: 1

Understanding workflows and best practices from when a patient enters the treatment room is essential. From setting up the tools and the chair to ensuring proper hygiene standards are met, we will teach your associate procedures to keep you, your team, and your patients safe.

Increasing Speed Even When They're Are Slow

Delivery: Virtual Masterclass
Duration: 1 hour
CPD: 1

They will discover the most efficient ways to schedule treatments, present treatment plans, and work with your dental assistant to increase their productivity and quality – all with 4 simple techniques.

Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning

Delivery: All Access Account
12 Individual Cases
CPD: 12

We will go through 12 unique cases so they can learn how to diagnose, take records, and simplify complex planning quickly and confidently.

Maximize Effectiveness With Their Dental Assistant Partner

Delivery: Virtual Masterclass
Duration: 1 hour
CPD: 1

Dental assistants can significantly increase their speed and decrease their stress. However, it takes practice for your associate to get the most out of their assistant. We will take them through how to sit, pass instruments, and get the greatest efficiency.

Self Paced Learning


On-demand learning from the fundamentals of dentistry through to intermediate topics. More advanced topics are also available; however, they are not specific to the new graduate program:


Recommended On-Demand Content image
  • Solving Your Restorative Headaches
  • 7 Strategies For Faster Preps
  • Rubber Dam
  • Basic to Advanced Techniques
  • Occlusion in Everyday Practice
  • Things We Have Learned Along the Way - Looking Back, Leaning Forward
  • How to Keep My Restorations from Breaking
  • The Basics of Analog and Digital Smile Design Planning Masterclass
  • Patient Communication Lectures
  • Posterior Dentistry Lecture
  • Consult Note-Taking
  • Consultation Note Structure
  • How to Take a Perfect Impression the First Time
  • Patient Consent Forms
  • Not Going Numb
  • Predictable Posterior Composites
  • De-Stressing Dentistry
  • Rubber Dam 101
  • Digital Dentistry Fundamentals
  • Non-Implant Replacement Options
  • Reasons NOT to Treat a Patient
  • Ceramics - What You Need to Know
  • Finishing and Polishing Anterior Composites
  • Predictable Anterior Composites
  • Occlusion Simplified and Managing Vertical Dimension

New Graduate Mentoring

Your newly graduated dentist's clinical journey starts here.