Dr Alina Ruzanova

DDS, DIP (Restorative Dentistry)
Fixed and Implant Prosthodontics

Estonia 🇪🇪 

Dr Alina Ruzanova specialises in aesthetic and functional rehabilitation for teeth deterioration, dental occlusion, and molar replacement using fixed and implant prosthodontics.

Dr Ruzanova maintains her thriving practice in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Dr Alina Ruzanova

Anterior Dentistry

Beautiful and Functional Smile Principles

Dr Alina Ruzanova

Fundamentals in Fixed Implant Restorations

Part 1

This lecture will cover the insights into clinical procedures for restoring posterior bone level implants.

Dr Alina Ruzanova

Premium Member Interactive Q and A Session - March 2021

Exclusive for RipeGlobal Premium members.

Exclusive for RipeGlobal Premium members.

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