Dr Claudia Pinter


Austria 🇦🇹  


Dr Claudia Pinter is among the leading doctors in the aligner technique.

She graduated from the University of Vienna, Austria and ever since dedicated herself to invisible orthodontics with clear aligners. She is internationally sought after as a speaker and is appreciated for her ability to break down complex information into easy principles that are applicable in everyday practice. 

The level of excellence of her work continues to inspire doctors to learn more about the aligner technique and she is known for sharing her protocols openly. Dr Claudia Pinter is passionate about engaging with colleagues and thrives in the mutual exchange of knowledge and ideas. 


Each master dentist has a world-class reputation, and aim to inspire members around the globe to excel at all aspects of dentistry.

Dr Claudia Pinter

Dr Claudia Pinter

Gain Confidence with Aligners - Protocols for Success

Many doctors seek to have more control over their aligner treatments, but they struggle to judge whether what they see in the aligner software will lead to successful treatment.
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