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Aesthetic dentistry, Direct and Indirect restorations and

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Dr Vishal Gupta is an internationally acclaimed teacher in aesthetic dentistry with special emphasis on direct composite restorations and indirect ceramic restorations.

Dr Gupta specialises in aesthetic dentistry, orthodontics, direct and indirect restorations, implantology and biomimetics.

He maintains a successful clinical practice in Panchkula (Haryana), India.

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    Taking the Complexities Out of Direct Posterior Restorations

    Dr Vishal Gupta is going to share some of his tips and tricks that will help clinicians to be in control of their procedures and deliver predictable and repeatable results.

    How To Get Seamless Margins In Anterior Composites

    Dr Vishal Gupta will share his skills and the aesthetic considerations involved in restoring anterior teeth with composites.

    Finishing and Polishing Anterior Composites

    Once the colour is matched and the contour is mirrored, surface texture and polish are what really bring life into the restoration.

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