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Dr Claudia Pinter

Aligner Orthodontics Live Case Presentation

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In February 2023, Dr Claudia Pinter and Dr Trevor Nichols hosted a Live Case Presentation that focused on aligner orthodontics cases. The presentation aimed to provide insights into the treatment process for aligner orthodontics, which involves the use of clear plastic trays to gradually straighten teeth.

During the presentation, Dr Pinter and Dr Nichols discussed several cases that they had worked on, providing a detailed overview of the treatment process, challenges they faced, and the outcome achieved for each patient. They also shared insights into their techniques and methods for achieving successful outcomes with aligner orthodontics.

This Live Case Presentation was one of RipeGlobal's interactive events, allowing attendees to ask questions and engage in discussions with the presenters. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from the experience of two seasoned orthodontists and gain a deeper understanding of aligner orthodontics, and now you can do the same with this replay of the event.

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