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Dr Arthur Volker

Lecture Bites: Class IV Confidential

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The following is a lecture sample of Dr Arthur Volker's Masterclass "Class IV Confidential" which is available in full to RipeGlobal Members

In this Masterclass, Dr Athur Volker will discuss how to improve your ability to efficiently restore fractures of anterior teeth.

Perhaps there is no more anxiety inducing procedure for the clinician than an emergency incisal edge fracture of an anterior tooth. There are a number of variables that must be addressed and mastered in order to ensure a successful outcome. This Masterclass aims to provide the clinician with the tools to do so.


In this Masterclass, you will learn:

  •  Material selection – which composites to choose and where to use them

  • Understanding the components of the polychromatic incisal edge

  • Utilising hue, value and chroma to determine colour

  • The “Blank Canvas Technique” to simplify composite layering

  • Effectively masking fracture lines

  • Finishing and Polishing techniques