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Dr Michael Frazis

Lecture Bites: 7 Strategies for Faster Preps

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The following is a lecture sample from Dr Michael Frazis's Masterclass: "7 Strategies for Faster Preps" which is available in full to RipeGlobal Members

Have you ever spent the whole crown prep appointment with a bur in hand working on the tooth and have no time left for impressions and the temporary?

Most dentists focus on speed without a methodical plan.

In this Masterclass, Dr Michael Frazis will share his 7 top strategies on prepping teeth for a faster and more efficient result that leaves more time in the appointment for the rest of the work that needs to be done.

  • Learn how to become more time-efficient with your tooth preps
  • Spend more time during your appointment doing things that make or break the end result.
  • Learn predictable and repeatable protocols that will enable you to save time


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