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OHT Katelyn Murray

Basic Stone Models

Learn how to get the perfect stone models from your impressions.

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Join Katelyn Murray as she talks about Basic Stone Models. Basic stone models are used for a variety of fabrications. From occlusal guards, through to retainers and whitening trays

It is vital for your stone models to not have bubbles, drag marks and make sure that it has the anatomy that you are needing. The last thing you want after pouring the impression is to realise there is an air bubble is a really crucial part of the model.

Remember, take your time, take small steps and you are on your way to the perfect stone model.

Silicone Impressions and Products

This series has Katelyn Murray OHT creating silicone impressions and then taking these impressions to create a range of clinical products such as, mouth guards, occlusal splits and stone moulds.