Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz

Digital Dentistry - The Future is Now

Take a step ahead of traditional dentistry and make your daily work more efficient, predictable and repeatable with Dr Pawel Paszkiewicz

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Are you digital yet? You’re probably more than you think. Social media, digital photography, on-line knowledge sharing. Take a step ahead of traditional dentistry, making your daily work more efficient, predictable and repeatable. The future is now. It’s yours. Don’t miss it!

In this lecture, Dr Pawel will explain how to:

Enter the digital world in an arranged way, showing a proper and logical sequence of gaining basic knowledge and digital gear, making your journey smooth and straight.
Significantly reduce the time it takes to accomplish your daily procedures, such as prosthodontics, implantology, diagnostics, or - surprisingly - endodontics.

Restoration Fundamentals

You can claim your CPD certificate after watching the entire Lecture Series of 12 videos. 

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Solving your Restorative Headaches

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Restoration Fundamentals Lecture Series