How to Stop Front Teeth Breaking

with Dr. Michael Frazis

It’s time to solve the never-ending problem of:

  • patients break front tooth
  • dentist fixes front tooth
  • 3 days pass
  • patient returns with broken front tooth in the same spot

Join Dr. Frazis to learn how to end this cycle with occlusal management and communication strategies so you can prevent problems before they occur in the anterior dentition.


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By the end of this webinar, the participants will be able to:

Understand the role occlusion plays in restoring an anterior tooth

Restore an anterior tooth that is in harmony with the envelope of function and movement.

Understand leading and trailing edges

Learn how to communicate these issues with patients

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Featured Presenters

Dr. Michael Frazis

A qualified dentist since 2012, Dr. Frazis enjoys all aspects of dentistry, with a particular interest in cosmetic work, complex surgery and nervous patients. He understands that many people don’t like visiting the dentist and does everything in his power to make patients feel welcome and relaxed. Dr. Frazis has a keen interest in new dental techniques and technologies, and can frequently be found at conferences discussing the latest advancements.