Clinical Workflow

Clinical workflow dentistry training videos based on treatment planning, diagnostic dentistry and the general workflow that happens in dentistry.

Clinical Worflows  Dental Training Videos

Dr Michael Frazis

Dental Shorts - Aesthetic Consult Summary

Good dental work starts with a good consult and examination. Most dentists know how to check for decay and a patient’s periodontal status however most dentists get stuck when it comes to aesthetics.

Dr Michael Frazis

Digital Dentistry Masterclass

Join Dr Michael Frazis for his Masterclass on Digital Dentistry - Creating Predictability and Success with Simple Treatment Planning Protocols.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Effective Communication

Dr Harris will talk about different ways to talk to your patient about money and cost without scaring them away and how to perfect your informed consent. By perfecting your informed consent process you’ll be able to increase your case acceptance.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Free masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris

'First Contact' masterclass with Dr Lincoln Harris

Dr Lane Ochi

Fundamentals of Fixed Prosthodontics

We cannot improve our outcomes if errors are made by us or in the laboratory, making group cooperation and communication mandatory. This presentation will take an honest and critical look at the issues that face both the dentist and our labs. 

Dr Michael Frazis

Going Slow to Go Fast

Most dentists want to speed up their appointments to improve their bottom line.

Dr Lincoln Harris

Hand Finishing Zirconia

The process for hand finishing Zirconia and for a vertical prep